“What Have They Done To the Rain?”

What could be better than my brief infatuation of many years ago! Here she is singing a protest song that, like so many others of that era, appear to have had little (if any) impact on our perspectives on life.

Marianne’s claim to fame was, as far I could tell, little more than cute looks. She had no stage “presence” which was attributed to a severe discomfort of being under spotlights (stage fright). Her singing voice had an appeal, but also had its limitations, and her almost smiling during this presentation of a serious environmental issue was probably why it never went public back then. When she started hanging around with Mick Jagger, and getting involved with drugs, I lost interest in her!

Composed in 1962 and first entitled “Rain Song”, it was written as part of a campaign to stop atmospheric nuclear testing, which was producing radioactive fall-out. (info Courtesy Wikipedia)


16 thoughts on ““What Have They Done To the Rain?”

  1. This song is new to me but I like it very much. The whole composition from her special voice, to the lyrics, and style. I thought it sounds familiar and then I read in your post that it was part of a “campaign” which make sense to me. Very good song.

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  2. Radioactive rain. Not a good kind of rain! A good song, but sad that the protest had little effect. I can easily see why you liked her, she has a great voice and she seems so sweet standing and watching the rain, with a hint of a smile. Smiles are nice, but yes, doesn’t exactly fit this type of song! It is sad that she got involved with drugs. Did she stop singing due to the drugs or did she continue on?

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    • Her addiction totally took over for a while. Eventually, she managed to break free of the drugs and pick up her career again, but it is believed that her drug addiction time damaged her vocal chords. Youtube has quite a bit of her pre and post addiction videos.


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