Ray Update!

First, I  offer my sincere thanks for all the thoughts and prayers that have been tagged with Ray’s name this past week. He’s not in the clear yet … but it is looking good for him.

On Tuesday of this week, he was booked in for surgery at 9:45am. We (the vet and us) mutually agreed that an early as possible start would increase his chances of coming home with us by the time they close at 7:00pm. Given his severe separation anxiety, he could only be kept overnight if he was heavily sedated.

Carol made a custom fitted “onesie” for him to minimize any chance of him irritating the incision area. We had already decided that a cone on Ray would only invite disaster.

His tumour had already been tested. It was malignant and therefore most certainly coming out.  It was the vet’s recommendation to not only remove the 1″ tumour, but also the surrounding tissue within 2″ – 3″ of it thereby minimizing the possibilities of further issues. We agreed.

Poor Ray was soon “out” and carried into the operating room. As he was on an involuntary fast since Monday evening, we had not had breakfast (couldn’t eat in front of him).  We decided to go and have some breakfast and be back (as requested) in about an hour.

It was not long after our return that a very relaxed and motionless Ray was brought in on a stretcher and placed on the floor. It seemed like forever before he made any slight movement, which was immediately followed by relaxed motionless again.  It was possibly  about an hour before he moved his head. As advised, we were constantly talking to him and shaking him (and gently rolling him over) because his past history woulds suggest it would be a long time before he would be capable of getting in/out of a car!

We were getting constant visits and support by the vet staff, and Ray slowly became more and more aware of his surroundings. It was probably another hour or two before he tried to stand up. Poor Ray wanted so much to  move around, but his leg muscles were not cooperating and his rear kept sinking towards the carpet. This was the pattern for the afternoon until around 5:30pm, when he showed a distinct interest in going outside. By 6:00pm we were on our way home.

The incision is on his left side, and is about 4″ long. Once he was home, he just wanted to lay down and go back to sleep, but his preference was to lay on his left side. Clearly that was not going to work, so we had a very unhappy Ray wandering aimlessly around the home, trying to find a place that didn’t hurt. He eventually discovered his right side!

As at this moment (Thursday afternoon), his incision is looking much better. Ray is a little more active, but with painkillers, antibiotics and his regular meds … he is in a bit of a daze.

So what’s next? We have to wait for the test results to confirm what his current status is, and we should know that by the end of next week.

Stay tuned.

48 thoughts on “Ray Update!

  1. Colin – I’m quite behind on many things including your posts…. so I was surprised to hear about Ray but so glad he came through the surgery well. I’ll be thinking of you, Carol, and Ray and hoping for the best possible outcome and full recovery. On a related note it is very likely that Kloe, my 3 year old, will have surgery to repair two, yes two, torn ACLs. We were hoping they would recover with just rest but after 12 weeks of having her tethered whenever outside and under closer supervision when inside we have decided, based on vet’s recommendation to do two TPLO procedures. I have not posted about this but probably will in the near future. Again best wishes to Ray for a speedy recover!

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  2. I have not been reading for a while, so not aware of Ray’s cancer, but I am so happy to hear he has made it through surgery. Sending healing thoughts for Ray, and comfort for you. Painful days, but hoping for best outcome. 🤞😊❤️

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  3. On Tuesday, I had explained to Benjamin all about Ray’s tumor and the surgery that it required. He came yesterday for an extended 4 day/3 night “Gem Sleepover” while his parents are on a much needed vacation. He asked Wednesday and yesterday how Ray was doing, I told him that there had not been an email from you yet. We just came to the computer to check for “his letters” (emails) and he was so happy to see one from Mr. Colin. I read an edited version of this to Benjamin and he is relieved that “Ray’s ouchie is getting betterer.” He loved the photos and says : “Ray’s onesie is awesome, that is a great idea!”. He placed a kiss on Ray’s nose in the first photo and with his help Jaxon did too, then they gently petted Ray’s side in the second one and said : “Jaxon and I love you Ray, everybody loves you. Take your medicine like a good boy and you will feel your bestest soon!” Benjamin and I appreciated the photos and the update. Thank-you!

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  4. Just got to this in my reader Colin. I am so glad you have a vet who understands separation anxiety and allowed you to be there with Ray. I feel for him, and love the onesie, so much more practical than a cone collar for him. With both you and Carol constant during his recovery, I hope he will be feeling more comfortable shortly, and the outcome will be good news. Great news on the poo.

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  5. Love the onesie that Carol made. Smart thinking! Our Yorkie had to wear a cone, or I should say was supposed to wear one. She may be very small but she is feisty and she let it be known that we could think again if we thought she was actually going to wear it!
    Hoping each day gets better for Ray and that good news is to come!

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  6. Thank you for the update. 🙂
    Poor old boy!
    Well I hope the worst is over and you have given him the best chance of a few more years with you. I’m sure he will be bouncing around again before long.
    PS I love the Onesie! 😀

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  7. I’m happy to read, that he survived his surgery, Colin 🙂
    Sending him healing and kind thoughts.
    I think, that my Odin would have same challenge to lay down after such a surgery, as he has Arthtitis (hip dysplasia) and also prefer one special side to lay at.

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