Just Do It!

“Just Do It”, as most of the world probably knows, is the advertising slogan for Nike … but it can go so much deeper than selling sportswear.

A very long time ago, I went on a one week course*** “Success through a Positive Mental Attitude”.  I started the course rather skeptical about the philosophy behind it, and was totally converted by the end of the week. Lessons from that course have been an active companion on my journey through life ever since.

One aspect that was stressed was the simple process of addressing a tendency to procrastinate. I have no doubt that we have all done it! Procrastination can be triggered by a number of aspects, but the one I want to focus on here is delaying something because of our uncertainty about its success.

Example: I know an individual who wants to start Blogging one day,  and addressing some personal issues which, it is hoped, will prove of value to people who are coping with similar experiences.

Example: I know a budding poet who is very hesitant about making her work public.

Procrastination in both cases would seem to lead back to personal insecurities, or what has been termed “fear of failure”.  In the above examples, questions could be posed such as “What if nobody reads my Blog?” “What if somebody comments and clearly did not understand my point?” “What if nobody likes my poetry?” I would suggest that for every creative thought we have, there could be any number of negative “What if?” thoughts.

The solution is to take a “So what?” approach, and this can be done very logically by asking yourself the question “So what?” In other words, given the worst case scenario, what difference is it likely to make? In the vast majority of circumstances, it will make absolutely no difference. i.e. your life will not change. You may not achieve your goal, but the status quo remains.

If your dream is to write and publish a book – Just Do It! Once you have the inherent costs covered, then what really happens if it does not sell? Nothing. Your life is just as it was before the book was written.

If you meet a person who you really like, you might be hesitant to ask him/her out for fear of a rejection. However, are you in a relationship with him/her now? Obviously not. So if your invitation is declined, then nothing changes. i.e. If you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose, you should just do it!”

“Just Do It” should be an integral part of our creative thinking,  as should be “If you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose!

Another aspect of positive thinking is, again, very logical. If you had a book of (e.g.) poetry published, and the initial book promotions produced no sales, the “So what?” question once again applies however, this time the rationale is rather different This time, while  not selling a copy is not going to change your life, it is your desire to sell your book of poetry. The solution? Promote it again.

We can rationalize that out of the millions of people cruising the internet and the social media sites, there must be somebody to whom your book will appeal! Perhaps your next promotion will reach that person, or perhaps it will be the ninth promotion that will sell a copy. You obviously do not know how long it will take to “hit” the right person …. but you do know with absolute certainty that unless you make the effort, then reaching that lover of poetry cannot happen.

So what dreams do you have that you are going to pursue one day? Perhaps “one day” should be today. What have you got to lose and, in a worst case scenario …. so what? This is not going to apply to every challenge we give ourselves, but it will in the majority of cases. If you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose ………. just do it!


*** https://wordpress.com/post/meandray.com/3830


26 thoughts on “Just Do It!

  1. Hi Colin. Sorry I don’t respond so much as I used to. Just busy elsewhere, but I always read your posts. So i’m always around.
    Just do it is a great motto which I have a permanent note of.
    I’m currently working on a book and recording some songs. Not doing much of Routine Matters or the 1951 Club at the moment but edging back in. Virtual man-hug to you and pat to Ray!!

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  2. I am certainly working on the “Just Do It!” I am better than I used to be but need a lot of work. I have always been afraid to try anything for fear of failing or rejection. But I am now realizing it is what I think and God thinks that is most important. The only way to be ME, because there is only one ME, is to “Just Do It” without worrying about what others think.

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    • One has to question why Alvin does not already have a bookstore! However, there may be financial options you have not considered? Perhaps you need to do some creative thinking? Perhaps a local local coffee shop cafe has space for a small venture like that? Perhaps there are local residents/businesses who would support you? Perhaps ………………………………….. who knows? 🙂

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        • I hope so. You should perhaps sit down with a paper and pen (or at your keyboard), and write exactly what you want this bookstore to be like “in a perfect world”. The location, size and any unique features. Then take each item and expand as necessary because you need to come up with an estimated cost to buy (or lease or rent). Adjust as necessary to meet financial means … perhaps there is a lower cost location which could also work for you. Do you need an apartment over the store for yourself? Think of the hours you anticipate the store to be open … do you need additional staff? Can you handle it on your own? Any relatives who would like to work with you? Any local competition you need to know about?

          In general – just spend some time brainstorming the idea and write everything down. The resulting notes will guide your thoughts in a constructive manner where you may well conclude “I think I can make this work!” All the best. 🙂

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            • Hi Rae – If you would prefer to continue via email, you have my address. In the meantime, some more thoughts. Is there any way to register your proposed bookstore as a charity? You would of course have to keep financial records and probably affiliate with another charity. Re IRA? Will they have much interest, in that your gross and net incomes from the business will probably be “conservative”, and will probably be offset by your operating costs. The only hurdle left would seem to be how to handle the location and business expenses. Lease/Rent/Purchase are the technical options. Purchasing with mortgage may not be an option depending on your current financial status and age. Still think it might just work? 🙂

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  3. I just hope I don’t use so what in the inappropriate scenarios 😀 I could get into trouble. Having said that, I know I need to stop over analysing and just get doing. Always a sound advice, especially as the hibernation of impending colder temperatures beckons!

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    • Yes … “So what?” as a response to another person will probably be considered rather impolite. Asking yourself “So what?” is simply directing your thoughts towards putting a project into a rational and logical perspective! I remember reading somewhere ” If you want the moon, then aim for the stars! You might just get a star, but if you do fall short …. you may still get the moon!” Go all out Prajakta and just do it! 🙂


  4. Great perspectives in this post!
    I love your part about the “worst case scenario”, because its true that many times the worst case scenario is not that bad! Like you said, not life changing. But perhaps that blog post that you are holding back on writing or the book that needs published, or the words you are afraid to say to someone, could be life changing for someone!
    One just never knows what could happen, when you take the chance and “just do it”!
    So swing that bat! Yes, you may strike out, but what if you don’t? 🙂

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