“Full Moon Man”

I fell in love with Grace Slick’s voice and song delivery when she was with Jefferson Airplane and, specifically, with her rendition of “White Rabbit”.Β  I later bought her solo album (“Dreams”) not knowing quite what to expect, and was very pleasantly surprised.

I love the structure of this song, in that it starts off with simple piano supporting her voice. Light percussion is eventually introduced until around 1:40 when a solid drum beat joins the fray! That drum becomes stronger as the song progresses and, just after 3:30, it almost dominates for a while, until the song starts winding down to finish after which my feelings are … “Wow!”

“Full Moon Man” is well … based on the lyrics and musical arrangement (noting the climax at around 3:30) … an exercise in musical seduction and ultimate exhaustion! Enjoy!

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