“Sisters of Mercy”

If you were alive and listening to music in the 1960s, you would have heard something recorded by Leonard Cohen. His music was quite different from most of the popular music of that time and, I would suggest, rather an acquired taste. A number of comments from critics of the time labelled his albums as “music to commit suicide to” due to their depressing lyrics, melody, and his overall presentation however, a song like “Sisters of Mercy” has the ability to command your attention and perhaps cause you to ponder. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on ““Sisters of Mercy”

  1. This is an interesting song that does leave me pondering! Its like he is recalling a memory of love from the past, a time when love saved him, but it still leaves you with some questions.
    I did enjoy the sound of the guitar, or was it a violin? 🙂

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