Dealing with Uncertainties!

We have a number of stores in our downtown that have entertaining and/or thought provoking signs outside. One that I  still get a giggle out of is “Trump – making Canada great again!” (printed on a t-shirt). Today there was this one.

I loved the final lines “When nothing is certain … everything is possible” (attributed to Margaret Drabble, English Novelist, Biographer and Critic).

The first thing to cross my mind was “What a beautiful and positive response to an unknown.” Uncertain times tend to be reflected by negativity, and yet here was a statement that the same circumstances could just as easily have a positive outcome (in my mind set).

We are an interesting species as we so easily default to negative thinking.  An overcast and wet day is so often seen as a reason why nothing can be done … but there are always “inside projects” surely? Income tax is always a delicate issue … but it is those same taxes which help fund the various government services? The increasing price of gasoline? We must have a vehicle in order  to be impacted directly … so is it that bad really?

Of course, positive thinking must maintain a connection with reality. I could be thinking positive in unrealistic situations. i.e. If I jumped off a cliff and on to the rocks below, my higher power would save me! Clearly we are forgetting the attributes of gravity.

I was talking to an individual a few months ago who was going to tackle (for the first time), a specific home maintenance project which he thought he could finish in a few hours. I suggested a couple of days would be more realistic to which he responded “I was just being positive.” I simply saw it as being unrealistic.

It brings us right back to Nike’s “Just Do it” doesn’t it? If we have a project in mind that carries some unknowns (nothing is certain) then if we just did it, not only would the project come off our mental ‘things to do’ list, but we could be feeling very pleased with ourselves (anything is possible).

If we venture out of our comfort zone (nothing is certain), who knows what the reward might be (anything is possible).

So what if you try something and it totally does not work for you? Celebrate anyway … because the unknowns for that are no more; you can feel good because at least you tried; you had an education in the process, and (bonus!) if you decide to try it again sometime, you will know to do things differently!

15 thoughts on “Dealing with Uncertainties!

    • Oh the “Black Swan”!

      Sadly, so many purported “thinkers” will denounce the possibility of any scenario that is not scientifically proven (which would seem to be contrary to science itself). From my perspective, that is no different than putting severe restrictions on the creative arts (which would seem to be contrary to creativity itself). Researching wearing a blindfold can never be research, anymore than creative arts within rigid guidelines can be creative arts.

      As a species, we love our routines. They are symbolic of security. We like to know what is going to happen. This would seem to satisfy our perceived need for control of our life and, at a time in our development where we are losing control of so many aspects of life, one can understand such a desire.

      I really think that COVID-19 is the alarm clock ringing in order to wake us up. Let us hope that the vast majority of us do in fact wake up to the call for change. I could be negative and state my belief that the world will never be the same again, but it would be my preference to be positive, and state my belief that the world will never be the same again!

      When we come to terms with our vulnerability as a species; when we acknowledge how important are the basics of living, and how dispensable are so many of our possessions; when we see that the various people in our world are much the same as us, despite their skin colour, dress code, religious beliefs and vocal accents. When we achieve that kind of awakening, I will be celebrating that our species has been coerced into a reality check, and the future looks very bright!

      Some of us may want to dismiss the Black Swan analogy, but I am convinced that it is alive and well in one guise or another.


  1. I have to wonder what kind of reaction I would get if I was to wear that t-shirt here! LOL! :

    What a wonderful quote by Margaret Drabble! Love it, and love how you have stores that display fun and thought provoking signs. It would be fun to walk downtown just to look at the signs. 🙂

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  2. I LOVE this post and that sign! It reminded me of something that was printed on a page of a calendar a few years ago. “Nothing is impossible, the word itself say ‘I’m Possible’!” – Audrey Hepburn. Thank-YOU! P.S. Just curious, did you purchase that mentioned T-shirt?

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