“Captain Beaky … “

I had a Post destined for today, but then things (life) changed! One of my many projects for this year is to go through boxes of photos, keepsakes, and other bits and pieces, and organize them such that they will make sense (have a context) in the future. My definition of “future” on this occasion is when I am no longer around and somebody is going through my “stuff”!

Yesterday, I came across a handwritten copy of somebody’s silly poem from 1980.  I remember it being recorded and, as soon as I started reading it, it brought back so many memories (and giggles), that I thought I would search YouTube … just in case it was there. It was! Enjoy something … quite different, and perhaps you will get the giggles as well!



25 thoughts on ““Captain Beaky … “

  1. LOL! I had never heard of Captain Beaky before, and now thanks to you I know what I was missing. What a fun story, with a catchy tune, never heard rabbits playing on trumpets before either. 🙂 Glad that toad was rescued, and he may be more wary next time about taking a rest in a “stick.” I wonder if he often has trouble with getting himself in “holes” where Captain Beaky and friends need to rescue him! A good thing he has friends, eh!


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