The Chalice … from where?

An advantage, and a frustration, of aging are the memory challenges. The advantage is that one is constantly faced with “teaser” questions about the past. There’s nothing quite like a good game of  “Who did what to whom?” or “Do you remember why we …..?“A frustration is simply when your plans are interrupted because you cannot remember where you put your wallet; the car keys, or a host of other items.!

Resolving a frustration is mildly satisfying, in that you can now continue with your plans, but coming up with an answer to something that happened decades ago? That is cause for smiling. It is a bonus when the initial question takes on a life of its own as it weaves itself into other questions!

We were walking Ray the other day and were on our way to the mailbox, while having a conversation about elderly folk and the decreasing dexterity that so many experience. An example was given about an individual who, due to arthritic conditions, used both hands to hold a wine glass safely. My thoughts, for some peculiar reason, went to a chalice as an alternative to a wine glass. What that would achieve is debatable, unless the chalice was much stronger and could therefore withstand being dropped.

The brain cells were clearly working away in the background because the chalice was (obviously) from the palace. “The chalice from the palace” started to ring bells from way back, and soon it was realized that it was “the chalice from the palace, that had the brew that was true?”  The brain cells were on a roll, and loving every minute, because they then threw into the conversation something about “vessels and pestles”. What was that movie?  Vessels and pestles; chalices and palaces, and true brew … that was a Danny Kaye routine wasn’t it? Hmmmm … The Court Jester!

After a sigh of relief, we continued on our walk. Many of you will know exactly what this was all about but, for any of you that are puzzled … all is revealed below:

I love being my age! I don’t recall having this much fun when much younger!

13 thoughts on “The Chalice … from where?

  1. I had heard of Danny Kaye but had never seen him before. Thanks for the laughter!
    The whole “vessels and pestles” and “chalices and palaces” talk sounded similar to you and Tippy at thmes. LOL!
    As for forgetting where one puts things when older, don’t ask Brad how often I have looked for the car keys or my phone!

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    • Thank you … and welcome to my Blog. I hope that you can find the time to browse around, chill out, and enjoy some reading. You may have noticed that you can search by category if so desired, so whether your interest is music, or dogs (Ray’s book); child fiction (Odessa Chronicles) etc., just click the category in the right side column! Again … welcome, and I hope that you’ll come back another day! 🙂


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