“The Balance”

As some of you are aware, I am currently going through boxes of photographs and other memorabilia from way back, and putting them into albums such that the stories will be available for future interested parties! I just recently came across this, which I had printed out a long time ago but, having just read it again, I still think that the message in it is quite profound.

“The Balance” – from the album “A Question of Balance”

Copyright 1970 – Graeme Edge & Ray Thomas of The Moody Blues)


After he had journeyed, and his feet were sore, and he was tired

He came upon an orange grove, and he rested.

And he lay in the cool,

And while he rested, he took to himself an orange

And tasted it … and it was good.

And he felt the earth to his spine, and he asked …

And he saw the tree above him

And the stars, and the veins in the leaf

And the light, and the balance

And he saw magnificent perfection

Whereupon he thought of himself in balance

And he knew who he was.

And he thought of those he angered … for he was not a violent man

And he thought of those he hurt … for he was not a cruel man

And he thought of those he frightened … for he was not an evil man

And he understood … he understood himself.

He saw that when he was of anger, or knew hurt, or felt fear

It was because he was not understanding

And he learned compassion

And with his eye of compassion

He saw his enemies like unto himself … and he learned love.

Then … he was answered.

23 thoughts on ““The Balance”

  1. What amazing lyrics. All the negative feelings come from not understanding, and once we understand… Indeed by understanding, we become compassionate… first with us and then with everyone. Again, fantastic lyrics, Colin.

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      • Totally! The interesting thing which gave me goosbumps a few hours later was that it was actually the last confirmation of what I was told (from somewhere above while pondering about some issues with a person and a situation) twice. I thought about it again last night when I became restless and after that I remembered the lyrics in your post. Such a mind-blowing confirmation.

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        • We had a discussion here yesterday about the line – “He saw his enemies like unto himself … and he learned love. ” It reminded me of something I was told a long time ago when I was having issues with my teenagers. I was told “You can, and always should, love your children. You do not have to love what they do.” So many people take a wrong turn in their lives by not separating the person from the deed, but it makes so much sense doesn’t it. Have a wonderful day Erika 🙂

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