“Black Horse and Cherry Tree”

KT Tunstall recorded “Black Horse & Cherry Tree”, and presents it live with the use of a loop machine (aka looper). This is a wonderful piece of modern technology. Below are 3 links associated with this song which IĀ  will summarize here so that you can select which one(s) are of interest to you.

Below, in sequence, are:

Part 1 of KT Tunstall’s tutorial of how to use a looper. She presents very naturally and has a good sense of humour. If you create music and would like to explore the concept of creating a fuller sound, while getting a laugh … this link is for you!

Part 2 of KT Tunstall’s tutorial which wraps up the song. Again, it will be of interest to anybody who is interested in “looping” and who enjoys her presentation style!

The final link is KT Tunstall performing “Black Horse & Cherry Tree” live. I have no idea what this song is about, but it is a great foot-tapping few minutes and her manufactured one-girl band is impressive!

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