“Sleep On My Shoulder”

I have developed a very broad taste in music over the years, but Country music was always rather elusive.  My problem was more perception than reality, as I did not like a slide-guitar sound (even though the band Yes used one in some tracks that I love), and the lost-love songs were a bit frustrating (even though some of my favourite songs are “lost love” based). The only objection that holds up under scrutiny is my total lack of interest in trucking songs!

Sylvia Tyson, who I knew from her folk songs, recorded “Sleep On My Shoulder” which had a distinct Country flavor (complete with slide guitar in the background) but I still really liked the song! I guess she was  my introduction to Country! Enjoy!

43 thoughts on ““Sleep On My Shoulder”

  1. These are two trucking songs from the 70s, back when trucking songs were getting real popular. “Roll On Big Mama” was a big hit by Joe Stampley. “Teddy Bear” was a tear-jerker by Red Sovine.
    Hey, it’s nice to hear a little country twang on your station today. Brings me back to my hayseed days when I was a country music deejay.

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  2. A good song that was a surprise! I don’t think about you choosing a Country song for your posts, for i remembered you not caring much for Country music. But one just never knows, eh!
    I am not for the “trucking songs” either but “Roll On” and “Teddy Bear” are 2 songs I think you would like!

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  3. You keep introducing me to new old stuff. Love it. Had never heard of Sylvia, but after a little exploration, found she was the writer of “You Were On My Mind”, a song that I had always loved, but had only heard in the upbeat “We Five” version. Small world.

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    • My pleasure. If you are into the folk music genre, then check out “Ian and Sylvia”. They were a husband/wife duo for a while until they chose different directions. The album that gave me “Sleep On My Shoulder” has a number of really nice songs on it.


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