I was introduced to Classical music very early in my life, but that interest was (not surprisingly) limited to pieces that were easy to relate to. The appeal was simply the melodic simplicity. So much classical music is, to a novice, rather complex and subsequently difficult to understand. I could write quite a few Posts on this topic however, my point is that even if you are not typically a fan of classical music, give yourself the few minutes necessary to listen this video.

The piece is from Edward Elgar’s “Enigma Variations”. An enigma is, by definition, something very difficult to understand (our current world’s situation),  and I find this sound very soothing and thought provoking (both probably very good at this time in our lives).

There are many versions of this on YouTube by well known orchestras, but I picked this one instead! I have no idea what the text says as I do not read Greek, but it is a very emotional piece of music … which is displayed very clearly by a violinist in this performance.  Was their something going on in her life and the music just brought it to the surface, or was it the piece itself? Enjoy.

12 thoughts on ““Nimrod”

  1. I wish I was introduced to classical music when I was younger. I have often thought about beginning the process but never knew where to begin. But this piece is so beautiful and her expression so heartfelt that I think this is good place to start. It’s one of the things I’ve always loved about music, that it can place us somewhere in our lives and bring us to tears. Thanks Colin.

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  2. I can only echo the words of Yo-Yo Ma : “Classical music is one of the best things that ever happened to mankind. If you get introduced to it in the right way, it becomes your friend for life.” Ours was a home filled various genres of music, but my earliest childhood memory is that of classical. It was from those early beginnings that I developed a lifelong love of classical. My Bose Wave Radio’s clock alarm is set to the classical station in Boston. Most mornings I am already awake and always begin my day by immersing myself in the music, even before that needed first cup of coffee. The violinist is obviously emotionally moved, for whatever reason, whilst playing this beautiful piece though she perseveres to its conclusion. Thank-you!

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  3. Awh!! She definitely was emotional, like she is ttying to fight back the tears as much as she can and in the end takes a big sigh of relief that its over. It does make you wonder. Its a lovely piece made even more emotional by watching her!

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