Dog Owners Beware!

We were concerned about Ray’s position relative to COVID-19, andย  were reassured that the virus is ineffective on dogs. However, it really is not that simple.

A Post today on a Blog that I follow ( put the situation in rather more detail, and opened our eyes to potential hazards from our beloved Ray.

Below is a link to judysdogreport, which includes a link to a video of an interview with a U.S. veterinarian who discusses dogs and coronavirus. He gives reasons for why we should keep our dogs away from people and other dogs.

It is a very brief video interview, and I highly recommend all dog (and cat) owners to find a few minutes to watch it.

20 thoughts on “Dog Owners Beware!

    • Here is a transcript:

      As the world is adapting to the new restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, a local veterinarian told KTLA that people should also be taking precautions when it comes to pets. While there is belief that COVID-19 mutated from an animal โ€” likely a bat โ€” the virus is species-specific, according to Los Angeles-based veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber, meaning dogs and cats cannot get sick from it.

      “The dog won’t get sick, the cat won’t get sick. However, the virus particles can live on them for awhile. The life span of those particles is why owners need to take precautions. If the virus particles are on the dog, and say that dog licks a person’s hands who is infected and then comes and licks you in the face, like dogs like to do, then it is possible it could be transmitted,” Werber explained.

      In order to limit contagion, Weber said social distancing should also be extended to pets. Owners walking their dogs should try and stay away from other people and their dogs on walks, avoid dog parks, doggy day-cares and limit or stop trips to the groomers. He also said that animal hospitals and veterinarians are also limiting the number of pets they are seeing.

      “I heard at one hospital the nurse is going out to the car, taking the dog from the car and bringing it to the hospital, and you don’t even get to go into the office,” he explained. He also urged pet owners to keep animals clean through bathing, and also suggested holding off on elective procedures including spay and neutering.


  1. We’ve been keeping Maggie away as a matter of course as she is forever picking things up on our walks because of her incessant sniffing. She has also become anxious and nervous, even with people we know, and we believe that is because her sight is going now.
    Good for you bringing this to everyone’s attention Colin. Take care

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