“Do Re Mi” (?)

Could not resist this one! Don’t think about it … just enjoy it!

Comment from the YouTube site by the creator:

“The song is not intended to be taken seriously – I made it to humour myself and am quite blown away at the following it’s got over such a short time. No, wine is not a cure for the virus. Neither is whinging or blobbing (real words.) No, they’re not good at social distancing in the video – it was released in 1965.”

20 thoughts on ““Do Re Mi” (?)

  1. I must apologize for not leaving a comment back when this delightful and entertaining video was posted before Easter. I have shared this with my entire Family and many friends, much to everyone’s enjoyment. I was a young nursing student in 1965 when I first saw “The Sound of Music” with my boyfriend, though it had been released earlier that year. He claimed not to have seen the movie prior to taking me, but he softly sang and hummed the songs all through…both times that we stayed to watch it! The movie remains a favorite to this day. My children and I have spent many happy vacations over the years, most recently with Benjamin too, at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. The Lodge was founded by original family members in the 1950’s after their having settled there in the 1940’s. Should you be curious, do visit their web site for some more interesting history. They have, in more recent years, started their own brewery too. Sorry, I get too wordy when all that needs to be said is…Thank-YOU!

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  2. LOL!! I have known this song since I been little. Sound of Music is a favorite musical of mine! As the original version says, “Once you know the words to sing, you can sing most anything.” This creative version proved that! 🙂

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