Those Chicks!

Our three Cardinal chicks appear to be doing fine. They’re growing at a quite remarkable rate and, as all three are now in a bit of a squeeze with the nest size, we don’t think it will be long before the first one attempts to fly!

As a result of comments made on the earlier Post regarding our Cardinal  family, I did express  the thought that all was not necessarily well with these newborns. What was the problem? This was the problem:

As lovely as Blue Jays are, we understand that they can be partial to fresh eggs! The one in the picture is perched in our Pussy Willow tree which overlooks  the holly bush … which supports the Cardinal’s nest. We are pretty certain he knew they were there, and was just waiting for the right moment. I think we can assume that Mom and Dad Cardinal were equally alert to “his” presence!

While we are no longer concerned about the Blue Jay, we have other predators on the ground just waiting for any new youngster who has a crash landing during flying lessons. You know those cute little chipmunks? We had a nest of baby Chickadees a few years ago, and the last one out of the nest was a terrible flyer. It spent a fair bit of time on the ground and, as we watched it, a chipmunk casually started to wander over to it. We thought it was interesting that the chipmunk was being so inquisitive .. and then it lunged at the Chickadee! Chipmunks around here are no longer cute!

So … chipmunks, squirrels, hawks, foxes and no doubt a few other predators permitting …. we should soon have some additional Cardinals looking for homes of their own, and so the cycle continues!  🙂

15 thoughts on “Those Chicks!

  1. I had not known that before about Blue jays. That picture does make it look a intimidating, glad it left the eggs alone!
    Wow on them testing their wings already! Doesn’t take long. You now have forever marred the picture in my mind of cute chipmunks! How dare they kill a baby bird, but I guess that is how it goes in nature.

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