Spring is just around the corner! That is what we are telling ourselves as our snow has melted quite a lot these past few days, but then …. I can recall being dressed “for the Arctic” one Easter. I can also recall getting sunburned one Easter, so perhaps it is wishful thinking and with minimal basis for it to be true! The reality is we could get pretty much anything for the next month or two.

The pic below is of our town harbour which was totally iced over not too long ago, but the attraction was not the ice flows, but rather the sole Canada Goose mixing in with the seagulls. (You may not see him/her on a small screen). I was trying to come up with a caption for him/her, and thought of “So Spring is right around the corner eh!” or “Hi Gulls! How yer doin’ eh!” or (to the Gulls) “Hi Guys! You don’t mind if I chill here for a while eh?”

What I eventually decided on is below the pic!

“MOM . . . . . . . .Β  MOM . . . . . . . . ! Where are you Mom? MOM . . . . . . . I’m surrounded by a gazillion Gulls! MOM . . . . . . . !”


34 thoughts on “Spring?

    • Hi Judy – That has been an interesting viewing spot over the Winter. Typically there are 500 or so Canada geese having a social somewhere on the ice and then, not too far away are a similar number of Gulls. Off to one side would be perhaps 50-100 ducks., and there is usually a “smattering” of other birds on the ice. While they tend to stay in their groups, so often we do see one wandering off into another group. For the most part, they seem to tolerate each other very well. Even in this pic, there was no antagonism between the Canada Goose and the Gulls. Pity people cannot display the same tolerance level to human differences! πŸ™‚

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      • That’s amazing Colin! I would actually love to see this in person (making next Winter since it’s already likely too warm for there to be ice. Where exactly is this spot? I’m guessing you take Ray there. What’s his reaction to all those birds?😊

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        • That is the view across the river (here in Oakville), on the other side of which is (in the pic) the Oakville Yacht Club and Tennis Courts. Ray is very good now as he associates birds, people and other dogs .. as opportunities for treats! He just has to not react. He learned quite fast. πŸ™‚

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          • I’m going to plan on a day trip next winter to go see this view! And it sounds like you worked a lot with Ray to help him feel better around these stimuli. That’s fantastic! He’s very lucky that you were the person who adopted him because you obviously dedicated the time that Ray needed to accomplish this. So awesome!😊

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            • Given that it was Ray who made the first move towards a relationship, how could I refuse him? He did come with a serious collection of “baggage” from his earlier life but, as I knew nothing about dogs, I was very receptive to learning and had many conversations with trainers, Humane Society staff, and even got a dog psychologist involved. I quickly learned (amongst many things) that dogs bark for a reason, and if you can identify that reason, than you can likely address it. Now I get frustrated when I hear people say (about their barking dog) .. “Oh he’s a dog. That’s what they do!”
              Of course he also triggered my book about him “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” … and he has been with us 8 years in a few days! How time flies when you have a Ray in your life! πŸ™‚

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              • It’s so heartwarming to hear how much you did to seek out the right professionals to help you help Ray! Especially because you likely didn’t know what the commitment was going to be when you invited Ray into your family! In all my years of working with dog parents, so many start off with great intentions to see it through but lose momentum along the way. I love knowing there are people like you who allowed the time for Ray to succeed at his pace. And it’s quite amazing how our dogs influence the direction of our lives as Ray inspired your book that you wrote about him. For me, when Roxy came into my life almost 15 years ago, she inspired me to launch my dog care business, Executive Pet Concierge to offer personal private only dog walks and boarding services to give one-on-one attention to my clients dogs as I would want for Roxy. There were no such business back then. It started with me recognizing that I wanted to spend my days with Roxy instead of going to a job where I was very unhappy. Which led me into a life of truly being happy everyday going to work! That was in 2007! 😊

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