Something different!

I had a number of songs to choose from for today but, while looking for YouTube videos of them, I accidentally came across this! I am not a great fan of Country music and, while Dolly Parton has done a few songs which I really liked, I do not have much of her work in my music library. I do however always appreciate a celebrity who can/does behave like a normal human being rather than elevate themselves as a result of their achievements. Dolly Parton? Who could not love her!

Note: If you get a “Video Unavailable” pop-up message, the issue is resolved if you select the YouTube link offered!

26 thoughts on “Something different!

  1. Her songs are not exactly my taste, but I have always admired her for making a success of her career after coming from such a difficult background, and for all she has done to give back to the community. She is an example to us all, and deserves all she has earned.

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    • Seems a like a very talented and all round lovely person (see other comments). We need more people like her, and we need to hear about them more often … instead of the typical “doom ‘n’ gloom” stuff that the the media feeds us. :O

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  2. I’m surprised she agreed to sing before that small audience, as I understand that tickets to one of her live performances can run into the hundreds of dollars. Perhaps she’d had one or two ales while in that pub.

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