Music 1956

1956 was a fascinating year because my interest in music started a little earlier after hearing some of my Dad’s classical pieces; my Mum’s interest in the Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals, and my older sister’s interest in Elvis Presley (and later Pat Boone, Sal Mineo, The Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly). Given that variety coming “at me” at such an impressionable age, it is no surprise really that I looked for, and found, my own niche. I liked traditional jazz, and I liked skiffle rhythms, but I also liked the fun stuff!

I have been reviewing the UK hits just to ensure that my timing was correct, and that I had not forgotten a song which impacted me at that time but …. my memory is good. The “Ying Tong Song” by The Goons (Harry Secombe, Spike Milligan & Peter Sellers) was definitely my 1956 favourite. It is still in my music library, and I still occasionally play it! It is ……………………………………… different!

I’ve included this version with the lyrics, so those of you who look for hidden meanings can be challenged!



16 thoughts on “Music 1956

  1. Yes, this song is really different. But since you must have still been a child at that time, I can imagine well how much you must have liked it. Your post made me think back on songs I listened to and liked because my mom loved them as part of her youth … like Cliff Richard, Pat Boone and The Beatles too, Conny Francis, and lots of popular German singers at that time.

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  2. I only know of “The Goon Show” for two reasons : 1) Peter Sellers and 2) John Lennon long ago wrote of being influenced by their humor. I cannot with any certainty say that the show was, or was not, a hit in the USA or even if it was shown here. This song is entertaining though it really does not resonate with me, but as Shakespeare wrote in Macbeth “to each his own”. Thank-you! P.S. Speaking of John Lennon…today is his date of birth, 81 years ago. Also of note in music is that Lennon’s “Imagine” album was released on Sept.11, 1971 and the single “Imagine” was released on October 11, 1971. If you wish, you may say “to each his own”!

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  3. I think I’ve figured out the meaning of these arcane lyrics. Undoubtedly, these are secret messages for the benefit of Western Allies, in the coordination of the deployment of nuclear armaments, for the countering of the growing Soviet nuclear threat under Khrushchev.

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