A New Direction!

This Blog was started predominantly by my desire to share my experiences with our 80lbs of fur … otherwise known as Ray. That road ultimately resulted in my book about him “Who Said I was up for Adoption?”

Music is a very strong force in my life and so, inevitably, it crept into this Blog, along with a variety of other topics which I found sufficiently interesting to share. I even posted some of my poetry which also resulted in a book “Just Thinking”

Meandering through the Blogging community resulted in a book writing partnership which created “The Odessa Chronicles” (stories for children of all ages!).

I have many other interests which were now taking a “back seat” to Blogging, and the only way that I could effectively re-focus was to relegate this Blog to a lower priority in my life, which is where I am currently at however, I just thought of a compromise.

How about I create a regular Post with music as its basis? In fact, I could cover all the years from my first attachment to music … being 1956 when I was 10! The beauty of this idea (from my perspective) is that it does not take much time to come up with a song, and as long as I can find it on YouTube, then all is well!

Stay tuned for a 1956 musical memory. Who knows … it might bring back good memories for you!

38 thoughts on “A New Direction!

  1. Oops, I read your music post before this one, now it explains your music post. LOL! Sounds like a great idea to me. Will be good to see blog posts from you again, even if the 50’s were WAYYY before my time! But after reading the comments between you and Tippy about age, I am not sure how old I am anymore. I just know I am younger than both of you. 🙂

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    • Hi Ann – You do understand that if you can relate to these initial posts, then you will be dating yourself? I might suggest that if one triggers a happy memory from way back, then a good response could be “Before my time of course, but what a nice song.” (!!!)


  2. In a 1994 interview with a California newspaper columnist, Dick Clark said : “Popular music is the soundtrack of our individual lives. Anything that ever happened to you, good or bad, was scored with the music you listened to.” Over the years, though still attributed to Dick Clark, the quote has been simplified by removing two words and changing one word : “Music is the soundtrack of your life.” I will enjoy listening to the soundtracks of your life. Thank-you!

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