It continually amazes me that, despite our numerous (and serious) flaws, we are still the dominant species on this planet!

A friend recently commented that she did not like the band Queen. Being a lover of Queen, I was rather surprised. Of course I recognize that not everybody is going to share my taste in everything, including music, but Queen? Continue reading

Was that me?

It is so easy to comment negatively when confronted with an apparent lack of thought.  It is so easy to make the assumption that “I know that … so why don’t you?” It is so easy to generally put somebody down (or elevate oneself … the difference is simply perspective) with no justification. Continue reading

A Matter of Perception!

I was introduced to the statement “Perception is reality” many years ago at a business seminar and, at that time, I had to question the logic. My thoughts at that time were that if Perception = Reality , and Reality = Truth, then Perception = Truth which seemed to be total nonsense. Continue reading