“My Dream”

One aspect of most (perhaps all?) creatures, is that a common threat will tend to bring them together. We are no different in that we too have a tendency to unite against a common enemy however, despite the seriousness of COVID-19, there is still antagonism, discrimination and just plain aggression, both within and across numerous borders, towards people who are perceived as “different”. Politicians who sow the seeds of dissention with divisive politics, must take some of the responsibility but, ultimately, each of us is responsible for our own actions.

I am sure that we are all hoping for the control of COVID-19 and its variants during 2021. Most of us are probably hoping for the vaccine as early as possible. There seems little doubt that it will soon join the many other life threatening conditions that are now under control but then …  we are left with the ever present antagonism and discrimination.

Below is “My Dream”, which is a poem taken from my book “Just Thinking” (click book cover over to right – may have to scroll – for more information. The link below goes to my  reading of it (audio only).

My Dream”

I dream of a day

When we’ll all be friends

I dream, as I look at the stars

That the world will see

That being valued and free

Is better than destruction and war


I dream of a day

When my friends are yours

Although from quite different lands

That you understand

All colours and beliefs

Can live in peace. Can hold hands


I dream of a day

Hopefully not far away

When compassion wins in the end

We’re all human after all

We all stumble and fall

Let’s help each other up and be friends


I dream of a day

When the killing has stopped

And peace prevails at last

Borders are open

Old vendettas forgotten

Past beliefs… will stay in the past


I dream of a day…

But it is only a dream

So many people will say

Perhaps I am delusional

Perhaps just a dreamer

But to survive, we must find a way


To break down barriers

To live together in peace

That will be a challenge for some

But why must we label

Our different neighbours?

Why can’t we become as one?


We all want respect

We all want freedom

Let’s open our eyes and see

That we all want the same

It’s really not complicated

It’s peace, for you and for me


I dream of a day

When world peace is achieved

When the pen is the only weapon

There will be universal love

And to the power above I’ll say

Thank you. Our Earth has become Heaven.”


The world would appear to be evolving into a very unstable place to live and, sadly, that has nothing to do with environmental changes; the structural integrity of our planet, or some cataclysmic event in our solar system. Sadly … it has everything to do with us. Continue reading


It continually amazes me that, despite our numerous (and serious) flaws, we are still the dominant species on this planet!

A friend recently commented that she did not like the band Queen. Being a lover of Queen, I was rather surprised. Of course I recognize that not everybody is going to share my taste in everything, including music, but Queen? Continue reading

We don’t need no education!

In the context of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, it (the subject line) may be worth contemplating but, to quote the late Leo Buscaglia in one of his talks, “You cannot teach what you have not learned.” Such a basic truth!

His context was love, and was stressing that you cannot teach somebody how to love, if you have never experienced love! I have not studied nuclear physics so clearly I cannot teach it. Unless I have learned the Spanish language, then I cannot possibly teach that either. There is no deep thinking involved as it is just plain common sense.

If we look at education in the context of what we learned from our upbringing, it could be interesting to identify exactly what we did in fact learn.

I learned that my father was the major financial provider; that I should not be afraid to attempt anything, and that frustrations can be released by a fit of temper! I learned that my Mom was the emotional support, the cook and housekeeper, and the “Dad pacifier” as necessary.

I learned so much more of course but, in the context of this Post, I learned to accept other races, beliefs and skin tones. I learned to help others if I could. I learned to base an opinion of somebody on personal experience  only. My parents were not a particularly social couple, but they would do anything for anybody if necessary!

In the event of a natural disaster, help has typically come from a broad spectrum of our species! In the current flooding in Texas, the offers of help from inside and outside the USA  have been reported regularly. People have driven for hours simply to do whatever they can to assist.

Thinking about Texas, and then the current racial unrest in Charlotteville, I have to really question the basis for racial discrimination and cannot come up with anything that makes sense… unless it is a learned perspective, or simply ignorance.

In Texas, there are many boat owners who are voluntarily helping with rescue operations. There are many police officers heavily committed to search and rescue. There are medical staff dedicating huge amounts of time to doing whatever they can for injured survivors, and our TV often shows coverage of so many “average citizens” helping out whenever an opportunity presents itself.

None of the above groups of people are going to be 100% “white” so I have to ponder some obvious questions:

In any racist community experiencing life threatening flooding (e.g.), would the person in danger refuse help from a person of different skin tone? If they were clearly going to drown in their vehicle, and a person of different skin tone was their only hope… would they really refuse the help? There are many cases of doctors being spurned because of their ethnic origins, but these are not usually in life/death situations. If those same people had been seriously injured as a result of an environmental disaster, would they really refuse life saving treatment by a doctor of a different ethnic background?

To answer yes would, to me, confirm total stupidity. To answer no would, to me, confirm total hypocrisy. Are these traits that are surfacing, an intuitive result of learned family perspectives perhaps?

I can understand and totally support disliking certain individuals, but that must not only have a tangible basis for the dislike, but must also be put into perspective. It is unreasonable to expect to like everybody one meets, but to base the dislike solely on skin coloring is irrational. It makes no sense whatsoever. I have worked with a wonderful doctor from Pakistan, and also with one from UK who should perhaps consider a career change. It has everything to do with the individuals and nothing to do with color.

There are many people who claim to be non-discriminatory, but deep down they still have “preferences”. Perhaps now would be a very opportune time to examine those preferences. If you were to find yourself needing potentially life saving help, and the only person able to do so was one that you really didn’t like too much… would you really have to think about what to do? If they are good enough to want to save your life, then surely they are good enough to earn your respect.

We don’t need no education? Oh….. I think we most certainly do!

Food for thought.


Change of Plan!

I had another Post planned for today, but Carol came across a three minute video from TV2 Denmark! I found  it so moving, and so particularly relevant in our current times, that… well here it is! It would seem to me that the more “mileage” this video gets, the better off we should all be. Continue reading

Learning from a 6 year old!

A friend of mind shared this video. Sceptics will no doubt suggest that is a fake, or it was contrived for political purposes… but I prefer to believe that it is genuine. Why shouldn’t a 6 year old boy be in a position to embarrass a large proportion of the world’s population? He is not old enough to have learned arrogance, discrimination, prejudice, hypocrisy, intolerance and greed. These are all learned traits. Continue reading