New Perspectives?

Yesterday, the Post “Good Dog? Bad Dog?” covered some obvious advantages of seeing the world through our dog’s eyes. In the context of dog ownership, and using Ray as an example, it would seem logical to conclude that if we can understand why he behaves in a certain way, then there is a possibility of changing such behavior. If we know why a dog constantly barks (e.g.), then we have an opportunity either remove the “why”, or change his reaction to it, and subsequently eliminate the barking. Continue reading

Dear Diary – Page 55c (Early 1960’s – London)

On another bike ride (quite a bit before my Lake district ride), the plan was to ride to London; tour the loco sheds and major railway stations of all four British Railways Regions, and then ride onto Clacton (Essex) where Dad now had the caravan as he was working at the Pier Theatre during the week and over the summer holidays season. Continue reading