Buried Treasure!

Our morning started off pretty routine with Ray being taken care of in the correct sequence of events*. Continue reading

The Life of a Celeb!

A question was recently asked about how Ray handles his celebrity* status, acknowledging that the puparazzi are everywhere. It can be difficult for him however, with a little help from some old clothes and the inevitable dark glasses, he does get some privacy. Continue reading

Ray’s World! (1 of 2)

So many of my Posts have incorporated lessons learned about, and from, Ray. He, being my first dog, dictated a distinct and expected education in all matters canine, and his physical and emotional condition when moving in with us dictated a pretty severe bell curve in such education! Continue reading

Cafes, Gelatos and Ray.

Oakville is a small town on the edge of Lake Ontario and, although it is within the “The Golden Horseshoe” (being an area of dense population and industries stretching from Toronto to Hamilton), it has endeavored to maintain a small “olde towne” image which it has done with moderate success. Continue reading