One little clink!

My lunch typically consists of a sandwich, sometimes followed by a small glass dish of yogurt with sliced bananas on top. Ray and I have this agreement wherein he leaves me alone while I am having my sandwich, and I will let him have a few slices of banana if that is my choice of dessert.

I usually sit down in the kitchen to have my lunch and Ray goes over to either a mat close by, or his bed, and lies down. He can see me from either place but within a few minutes his eyes are usually closed. I finish my sandwich and get up to put my plate in the sink (no movement from Ray). I put my plate down in the sink (no movement from Ray). I open the cupboard door to get out a small glass dish (no movement from Ray). I take a dish, which always manages to “clink” against another glass dish, and Ray is at my side!

This time, however, things were a little different because as soon as we got back from our morning walk, he immediately crashed out on my bed which is as far away from the kitchen as you can get! Lunch time came around and so I went to the kitchen to create a sandwich (no sign of Ray). I finished the sandwich and put my plate in the sink (no sign of Ray). I opened the cupboard door and listened (still no sign of Ray). No sound of movement! Nothing!

My curiosity got the better of me so I walked around to my bedroom and looked in. There was Ray, stretched out across the bed, apparently still asleep. I watched him for a few seconds to make sure that he was still breathing and then, satisfied that all was well, returned to the kitchen. The cupboard door was of course still open so I reached in to get a small glass dish and, as I started to lift it out, it “clinked” against another glass dish …………… and Ray was there, at my side!

I understand that his sense of smell is amazing, and I must now conclude so is his hearing. All it took was one little “clink”!

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