Who would have known……

As a child, I was brought up in a home that had classical music playing when Dad was around. Not surprisingly, I eventually became quite fond of certain pieces.

Over time, not only did my interest in classical music expand, but I also fell in love with Skiffle, Folk and Rock music so I have, to this day, quite a broad appreciation of music.

When we were making the final arrangements to bring Ray home to live with us, and given that he was on medication for anxiety issues, it was suggested that a “classical music” ambiance may help him to settle into his new home. This was absolutely not a problem, because of my existing love of classical music, and so the appropriate ambiance was created. Ray had no problems whatsoever in adjusting to his new environment. Perhaps part of that was the music?

Sometimes when we are out on garbage pickup day, and while our attention is usually on Ray as he is likely to show a sudden interest in something distasteful, we see an item that is sadly not (in our minds) garbage. While we usually just shake our heads at such a waste when it could often have been donated, on one occasion it was a garden ornament of two children. A little girl was playing a violin while a little boy was playing a saxophone. A short time later they had received a good scrub and the duet was happily “playing” among the plants in our garden!

Ray’s first summer with us was rather challenging for him because he had tested positive for heart worm. Heart worm is fatal if not treated, and many dogs do not even survive the treatment however, if they can be kept calm throughout the treatment program so their heart rate is kept very low (no vigorous exercise and no excitement), then the odds of survival are increased.

Ray was subsequently always leashed when outside as we did not want him to get excited and suddenly go charging after a squirrel or a rabbit. During the summer I would take him outside and let him relax under a large umbrella or often he would simply chose some other specific spot to lay. I would then tie his leash to something close at hand and get on with some gardening jobs while keeping an eye on him.

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I don’t suppose for one moment that he was imagining a personal serenade, but more likely simply enjoying a sheltered and cool place to chill ………… but he was there for a long time, a good portion of which was spent sleeping. No doubt those two children really appreciated his presence as their audience!.

Who would have known that an anxious rescued dog, heart worm, classical music, garbage, and garden statues could come together as a Post!

26 thoughts on “Who would have known……

  1. As I was looking up your Full Moon post again this post showed up and I clicked on it. The picture grabbed my attention and I thought how I hadn’t remembered reading this post. Then I saw the date and realized why I missed this post . You were still lost in cyberspace, didn’t know you existed. 🙂

    I love the garden statues! What a treasure to have found them and Ray looks adorable as always. Classical music can indeed be very soothing and peaceful which is exactly what Ray needed. Another example of how you 2 were the perfect match. So very glad that he got the TLC that he needed and survived heartworm.
    May he continue to have Happy years ahead of him!

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    • He is a lovely dog, and most people who see him just want to touch him. Unfortunately, while he has made huge progress re socialization, we still have to be extremely alert for any signals that infer he may be getting stressed. He has such a friendly face, and an apparent calm demeanor, that most people do not understand that he can be quite nasty if provoked. He is certainly an excellent Poster Boy for the “Adopt Don’t Shop” people. 🙂


  2. That sounds so peaceful. That’s something I think any of us would love to do and just drift off to sleep. Ahhhhh Ray’s living the good life now. Not so much back then with the heart worm meds, just the umbrella and chillin’ in the sun.

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  3. What an adorable photo of Ray! I do often wonder why folks throw away great things. Another man’s trash theory, I guess.
    Ray really came through a tough time. I’m sure he’s grateful for your help!

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  4. Lovely post, lovely pic, and lovely ornaments. Such a shame they’d been discarded.
    Maggie likes instrumental music as we played ‘Pure Moods’ every night when she was a puppy, though this was intended to lull us to sleep, not her! It still works and she’s in the land of Doggy Nod by track 3! I’m glad Ray likes classical music, it can be so restful. 🙂

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    • He has certainly come a long way in 2 years. Much effort and willingness on his part + much patience and TLC (and reading and asking questions and…. and…. and..) on our part!


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