The Oakville Beaver

During the summer months of 2013, Ray spent a lot of time lounging around in the garden and, on one occasion, we felt sorry for him (he was under forced rest conditions) and offered him an Oakville Beaver newspaper. Given that its focus is the Town of Oakville, its scope of news is obviously quite limited ……….. but what does Ray know about such things?

Well, based on the photo below, it would appear that he knows a lot about such things as he does not seem particularly engrossed in it! 2013 08 23 4

We sent the photo to the Oakville Beaver claiming that Ray was a regular reader, and a brief overview of his background, and they decided to write a short story about him. He then became a little bit of a celebrity around here and, on one particular walk, an elderly lady stopped me and said “Is that Ray? I recognize him from his picture in the Beaver!”

Fortunately, unlike a lot of humans who go very strange when achieving celebrity status, Ray handled the situation with humility and dignity. Just what one would expect from a Shepherd/Rotti X!


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