Raider of the Lost (P)ark?

Last summer on a particularly hot and humid day, Ray decided that he wanted to take me to OMHS* to visit his friends there however, for reasons only known to him, the route was via downtown Oakville.

He surprised me by showing no interest in going to either Lululemon or TD Bank but instead headed for a small park. This park is a logical point on the route if one really wanted to go to OMHS via downtown!

When we reached the park, it seemed an excellent place to stop and get a drink from a stainless steel faucet (over a stainless steel bowl) and I spent quite a few minutes trying to coax Ray to put his feet on the edge of the bowl so that he could get a drink. After thinking about the situation for a few moments, he decided that he was not going to touch that bowl with his feet. Perhaps he knew something that I would have liked to have known?

I felt it was really important for him to get some water on such a hot and humid day and so, in the absence of any other ideas, I took off my Tilley** hat and filled it as best I could with water. As soon as I put it down in front of Ray, he was drinking away with no hesitation. This process had to be repeated a number of times as the hat had ventilation holes which limited the amount of water that could be contained however, it all worked out very well.

We came home via the same route so once again stopped for water and repeated the process.  Just as Ray was finishing, an elderly lady approached us and was clearly impressed that I would let Ray drink out of my hat!

Whether the above incident had any connection with his willing participation in a photo-op of course we can never know but Harrison Ford had better watch out ………… Ray – Raider of the Lost Park!

2013 06 09cC

*Oakville & Milton Humane Society

**Trademark of Tilley Endurables

19 thoughts on “Raider of the Lost (P)ark?

  1. You take the best ever cute pictures of Ray. The hat episode made me smile. He is quite the man in your hat and I like the idea of sharing the hat with your best pal. Even though the hat leaks, it surely was a good substitute at the time.

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  2. Love the hat! Choppy is picky about her water (bowl out of which other dogs have drunk? Suspicious. Murky pond water covered with algae? Obviously tasty), so I try to carry around her own special bowl on long walks and in the car (she is not spoiled. At all). But I am glad to know a hat might suffice in a situation where I left it at home!

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