Kettle potato chips!

On March 30th last year, we had a glorious sunny and “slightly warm” day. It was just the kind of day to sit on the back steps and soak up the mid afternoon sun, and who better to do that with than Ray!

Ray enjoys pottering around the garden and generally making sure that the squirrel gang is kept on their toes. He often just finds the sunny spot on the grass and lies there however, if you want to get his undivided attention, produce something (anything) that could be called food and he is yours for as long as the food holds out.

I decided to make myself a cup of tea and just chill on the back steps while Ray was doing his garden patrol. I was just getting comfortable when I remembered that there was a bag of Kettle potato chips in the kitchen which, like all good food, must be eaten soon after purchase otherwise they may deteriorate! Not wishing to jeopardize the freshness of the chips, I went inside to get them and then, once again, settled down on the back steps.

Ray suddenly appeared around the corner and stood at the bottom of the steps just looking at me. I can well imagine “Were you going to eat them without telling me?” or “I thought we shared stuff like that.” I invited him up and, in an instant, he was up the steps and sitting right next to me. I always find sitting with Ray quite fascinating simply because our head heights are about the same.

Given that he is so tuned into body language, and can react to same so fast, it can be appreciated that if I turn my head to look at him, I always end up looking directly into those big brown eyes”.* On this occasion, Ray was apparently unsure whether to make eye contact with me or simply watch the bag of chips. so he alternated!

2014 03 30g He very patiently waited to be offered one and, when he felt that perhaps I was not getting the message, a paw was gently placed on my arm and he initiated compelling eye contact! For the record, he only got a couple of chips, but he was very happy with that.

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19 thoughts on “Kettle potato chips!

  1. I’m sure the greatest restraint was exercised in sharing the contents of the bag. Only eating a few and leaving the rest for you shows Ray’s character is developing nicely. We’re all proud of his ability to care for his people.

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    • Just remember that Ray, like many dogs, require lots of attention, training, perseverance and patience. He did not come already trained and well adjusted. However, if you are prepared to put in the time and work, the relationship can be so rewarding. 🙂

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  2. Eating alone is always lonely when you can have such beautiful company….and what is a bit of drool between friends ..a lovely moment and these are the ones we always treasure 🙂 and I bet Ray enjoys them just as much!

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