A trip to the Vets.

We will have to be taking Ray to NOAH* pretty soon as he will need a pre-heartworm prevention blood test and a general physical examination and, as it is our standard practice to take him there for “happy visits” prior to getting any medical attention from the staff, we duly made arrangements for a “happy visit”.

That “happy visit” worked out very well in that Ray was totally spoiled with treats however, business dictated that a vet was not available to spend a few moments with him. The ramifications of that surfaced later.

Next door to NOAH is The Ark, a pet food and supplies store. On one of Ray’s visits back in 2013, he had picked up a quite large bag of dog food off a lower shelf and dropped it at the lady assistant’s feet! This clearly endeared him to her as he always gets special attention now whenever we visit. That in turn explains why he rationalises NOAH and The Ark as a joint visit. Unless The Ark happens to be closed, he won’t let us leave without a quick visit to say “Hi!” Of course the fact that he can get his paws up on the counter and then make direct eye contact with the lady there may help his “cause”.

Ray has recently been paying more attention to his rear than one would expect and a quick inspection noted some irritation in that area. While we were not overly concerned, we did call the vet and suggest that she take a look, after all, she is more skilled in these matters than us. At the appointed time, we were directed into a room and waited for the vet. Remember how she was not available at his last “happy visit”? Ray was certainly not associating treats with her as she approached in her white coat! He climbed up onto the seat and tried to hide behind me. I’m pretty sure he was looking for protection, (“C’mon Dad! Help me out here!”)

Of course, as always with Ray, some appropriate treats saved the day and after a brief examination, we were advised that it did not seem of too much concern but should be monitored. They provided some cream to rub over the inflammation and, within a few days, it looked much better and Ray was giving it much less attention.

A few moments after receiving his mildly invasive examination, Ray seemed to have refocused. After exiting the vets, he dragged us into The Ark where he coerced treats out of the lady there and all seemed to be quickly forgotten as he settled down for the ride home.

The end of another eventful day in the life of Ray!

*North Oakville Animal Hospital

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  1. Good to hear there wasn’t much to worry about – and I am also glad to hear that Choppy is not the only large dog who suddenly thinks (a) she is small, and (b) if she puts me between her and the vet (even if that requires climbing on furniture, tables, etc.), nothing will happen to her when we visit the vet.

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  2. Cats are not that accommodating. A typical trip to vet means putting out the carrier days in advance so they don’t know when (or you won’t see them when you need to pack them). Pitiful eyowling on the entire trip to the vet. Cowering inside the building with soulful glances to their owners. Complete acquiescence for the vet (which we will never quite understand). They jump into their carriers at the end of the visit and nap on the way home. They get catnip mousies from the vet which are given at home. Somehow they don’t think it’s worth the trip but that’s just their thinking. Dogs seem so much easier for vet visits. I have suggested to my vet that she should prescribe Valium for the owners prior to the trip.

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  3. Glad you and Ray and the vet got to the bottom of the problem…pun intended..it is a stressful thing especially when it involves parts they cannot see the vet working on…hope he is on the mend soon 🙂

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  4. Hope Ray is on top of the world in no time at all, we call in the vets once a month for social visits, even if its just to say hello to the receptionist, that way Oscar isn’t fazed when he has to see the v..e..t LOL

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    • Yes that seems to be standard procedure which, of course, is not only great for the animal but also makes life so much easier for the vets and staff! With a “Ray” on the premises, it is much nicer if he is happy about being there!

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