A Tale of Two Coyotes!

The other evening, the end result of a busy day was that we did not get Ray out for his walk until well after 8:00pm., so it was dark out.  Continue reading


The harness incident -Part 1

Putting a harness on Ray has never been a major problem.

His walking harness goes over his head first, and then we lift a front leg and put it through a loop; bring a strap under and over to clip it all together. He generally just guides his head through the loop, and his front leg goes totally limp so we can move it. Perfect! Continue reading

Christmas Books!

Friesen Press have just taken over the administration aspects of the book “Just Thinking”, so I now have the luxury of being able to track sales of both my books from the same website. I guess, as in life in general, one learns from one’s mistakes. Continue reading

If dogs could talk!

Animals in general (well at least based on cats and dogs) have some interesting sleeping positions, and Ray has entertained us many times with his “collection”. This is a new one however, and one can only guess as to what the appeal was! Continue reading