The Bag of Biscuits.

This situation came to me as a total shock and I am still in a state of partial disbelief, but the evidence speaks for itself.

As noted in earlier posts, I am generally awake at 5:00am so I get up and go down to the basement where we have an “office” which includes my desktop pc. I usually spend about 3hrs doing all sorts of “pc stuff” and, around 8:00am, I go back upstairs and make a more traditional start to my day. As I come up the stairs (from the basement) Ray has this routine which entails him going into his den and laying down. This is an understandable move on his part because if he is laying down in there, I give him a biscuit.

This routine has been going on for a few months now but, a few days ago, those same biscuits were used later in the day as training treats. Needless to say Ray did not complain but was his typical “tell me what you want me to do ………. and keep the treats coming” character.

To grasp the basis for this Post, it must be understood that Ray is restricted to the kitchen area during the night and, whenever I see him at 5:00am, he is generally on his bed in the corner, or on some occasions, in his den. He seems very happy with that arrangement and has never caused any problems.

The other day, at around 8:00am, I came up from the basement and as I was nearing the top steps, I saw Ray cross in front of the gate (to stop him attempting the stairs) and into his den where he proceeded to lay down. This was of course expected so no surprises there however, I then went to “his cupboard” to get the bag of biscuits ……… and they weren’t there! I started to look around for them and there they were, on the kitchen table! There was no debris around the bag; no bits of biscuits on the floor and, upon close inspection, no perforation of the bag.

Ray had to know that bag of biscuits was there keeping him company all night but chose not to touch it. This is a dog who is highly food motivated; who has stolen a long green bean off my plate; who has helped himself to a piece of bread off my plate; who made a giant leap in order to grab some pepperoni slices that were in my hand and, as I turned, hit my back with his mouth wide open; who tries to reach anything that could remotely be called food when outside; who grabs at anything within reach when in a pet food store (including horse treats) ………… you get the picture? He is the perfect dog for clicker training using treats as rewards!

He must have thought that I was having some weird mental issues as I repeatedly looked at the bag of biscuits, the table top, and him! I would like to think that he chose to ignore the bag simply because he knew that it was what we would expect, but that may be putting just too much of a conscience into that Shepherd/Rotti brain of his. Regardless, that bag of biscuits stayed within his reach throughout the whole night and he did not touch it.

He got two biscuits that morning. Of course he probably knew that would happen! Love you buddy. You’re certainly one very special dog!

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  1. Oh my goodness…good boy Ray! He knew that was part of the morning routine and didn’t want to disrupt the flow of things perhaps?! I tell ya what, those shepherds have a unique mind. I had one who would hide any tidbits I gave him, that he did not have a taste for, under his crate pad. I always praised him and told him he was a “good boy” for eating things I gave him, so I swear he did it to remain a good dog. He certainly was, under any circumstances.

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  2. Now that is a good boy! Forrest is the stomach here..and he has the same penchant for knicking things..i did a photo shoot for their blog..not involved a quarter of a canteloupe and a bit of cauliflower..the theme..melon-cauli..anywho i took the sd card into the study,.i am back the canteloupe was gone from the the lounge Forrest dripping canteloupe skin and all gone..needless to say i knew whose poop was whose the next day 🙂 so good boy Ray 🙂

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  3. Good boy.
    One of the family’s dogs years ago had a liking for walnuts. You could leave anything on the table, sweets, biscuits, food, etc and he wouldn’t touch it, but a walnut? It didn’t stand a chance and the shells would be found behind the sofa.
    Double treats well deserved Ray.

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    • I am pretty sure that there are lots of possible alternatives that would not have survived the night. His track record is why I am still in a degree of disbelief. I find it highly unlikely that he did not know they were there, but then…..?

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