The King’s Arms

The King’s Arms probably sounds like a pub right? Well it is!

Because of Ray’s separation anxiety, any time we want to go out involves seeing if his “girlfriend” Heather* is available to keep him company. Now that the warmer weather is here, various places are opening their outdoor patios many of which have no problem with well-behaved dogs and our interest in those specific places is no doubt very obvious!

The King’s Arms is the only place around here (as far as we know) that has an outdoor patio; good pub food, and sells Guinness and Boddingtons!

We have often manipulated Ray’s walks in order to check out The King’s Arms just to see if they had their patio railings up, as that would signify that their patio was open for business, and just the other week ……………….. yes!!!!!!!

We went there that same evening and had a lovely time. There was another dog there that did not seem too comfortable as we passed by with Ray, but it soon settled down. The only table available was up against the steel railings which was perfect as Ray’s position (of our choice) would be exactly that. Between the table and the railings!

We had a very enjoyable and uneventful meal and Ray spent most of the time just laying on the ground. Every now and then he would sit up and look around and, being the size that he is, he can see over the top of the table very easily and generally manage to draw attention to himself!

We had come prepared with treats and water so he would be well taken care of but, in fact, he got a bonus because one item of pub food found its way into his mouth. Sometimes it is difficult to say no to that face and those eyes. That one little piece of pastry from the top of my steak and Guinness pie probably made his evening!

2015 05 03aHe really seemed to be at total ease, with his family, just checking out the activities going on around us ……….. and exploring the brick floor beneath our table for potential snacks!

I am rather expecting that The King’s Head will, in Ray’s mind, be one of those “must go to as often as possible” places!  I see no reason not to oblige him after all, common courtesy must always prevail! Right?

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8 thoughts on “The King’s Arms

  1. You are fortunate to live in a dog friendly city, Taking a dog to a public place other than Pets Mart or PetCo is not a possibility in my town of about 120,000. There are lots of restaurants, etc. but things are quite backward here and everything is about 10 years or so behind current trends.

    Ray sure looks cute and he is was a gentleman on that outing. I bet you were quite proud of him.

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  2. Ray looks very much at home at the pub…you too! We’ve taken out dogs to a cafe and all went well. They are not always keen on other dogs so it can be problematic. Lady, our Border Collie x Cavalier, ended up on the lead at the beach yesterday after growling at another dog and refusing to come.

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  3. What a good boy. He really is a handsome dog.
    It’s one of the reasons we like it here, there are so many places that are dog friendly, pubs, tea rooms, cafes and even The Abbey itself. When we celebrated our anniversary and had a carvery meal just outside of Worcester, we took a table inside by the patio doors furthest from the eating area as the manageress said we could take Maggie in. She lay patiently under the table and was rewarded not just with titbits from our plates (I know) but two sausages the waitress brought out to her, AND a fresh bowl of water. Spoilt or what?????

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