Medicinal Grass!

I bet that subject line caught your attention!

We just had a really interesting experience with Ray.

After we had watched the CTV news and couple of half-hour programs, the TV was turned off. Carol booted up her laptop to do some work, and I booted up mine to catch up with your Comments and respond as necessary. I also needed to review Posts that were to be published very soon, as well as draft writing new Posts.

We were both working away when Ray came in to see me. He just stood and stared. I went through the usual “What’s up buddy?” routine but got no response. I got up and went through the “Show me” routine, but still nothing. He turned away from me and just stood there.

Carol noticed that his behavior was a little odd and went through much the same routines. As nothing seemed to be working, we both got up and coaxed him into the kitchen and, thinking perhaps he was not feeling too good and wanted to go out, we opened the back door. He immediately went out, but did nothing out there. Soon he was back at the door clearly wanting to come back in.

We let him in and then ignored him for a while, but for how long can you ignore a Ray? He was clearly not his usual self. Had he heard a noise and was concerned about it? Had he picked up a scent which was bothering him? Perhaps he missed the sounds coming from the TV? The TV theory was easily tested so we turned it on and Ray climbed up onto the sofa and settled down (in my spot!) and seemed to be more relaxed.

After about 5 minutes, he was off the sofa and staring at Carol once again. She got up, but this time he led her to the back door. She opened it and followed him outside and into the back garden where he started chewing on the grass and within a short time was promptly sick!

The proverbial light went on as I remembered various cats of long ago doing the same thing. When they were clearly feeling rather “unsettled”, they chewed some grass which somehow triggered a swift evacuation of the stomach contents.

Ray was back to his normal self after that!

12 thoughts on “Medicinal Grass!

  1. Glad to hear Ray is back to his normal self after the grass cure-all.
    Home grown produce is always best (!) as my Dad told me years ago that this was a common thing if dogs were feeling slightly ‘off’ and not to worry too much if they were doing a sheep impression in our back garden. (Incidentally, hope you are feeling better now)
    Sadly, living in Lincolnshire with so many areas of green, we were always on our guard should Maggie start eating grass as we never knew what insecticides etc had been sprayed there. In latter years, we kept finding dead bees on our pathways and it turned out that the usual crop sprays had been banned by the EU and the alternatives were known to be harmful to bees (referred to in my post ‘I saw the Queen today’).

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    • We also tend to watch Ray when he wanders onto somebody’s front lawn, or when he is exploring a park, as you just don’t know what has been sprayed/spread. Pesticide? Fertilizer? Pet friendly?


      • We knew of one householder who used to put notices up on his gate when he’d sprayed weedkiller or something on his grass verges. The farmers however didn’t really bother. 😦


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