The Donation!

The Oakville & Milton Humane Society are (for obvious reasons) always promoting the services they offer and the fact that they receive no government funding.

They encourage assistance in many ways over and above basic financial support and, in March of last year, they were getting quite desperate for dog training treats. Sometimes just plain dry kibble will suffice but, at other times, the “prize” must be upgraded! They duly posted a notice asking that consideration be given to donating a specific dog food which they use for training purposes.

Ray’s opinion was invited and (no surprise there) he totally endorsed their choice of dog training treats. The problem was whether he would part with it after giving it his sniff of approval!

2014 03 15d Considering that Ray had initially given us reason to believe that food guarding may be an issue, he had clearly adjusted to the whole cycle of regular meals and treats when training because after giving it a serious “once over” with his nose, he allowed us to take it away from him! He of course did get rewarded for his due diligence, which he no doubt predicted would happen!

We decided that, given Ray’s strong connection with OMHS, that we would make the contribution on his behalf, and created these pics to record the work and thought that he put into the idea.

2014 03 15bI still look at these pics and I am in awe at Ray. He obviously knows exactly what he has at his feet, and we have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that, if given “the word” he would have sunk his teeth in and ripped off the wrappings ……….. but, without “the word”, he didn’t! What a special boy he is.

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    • Considering his background, and all the challenges which he presented, training was little more than asking the Humane Society trainers lots of questions, persevering, and being very patient. All it took was the desire to do it! 🙂

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  1. I’m so happy that you’re helping your furry friends at the shelter. You’ve come a long way, Ray! Learning not to guard food is a huge step.
    Very cute pix also! 😀

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