Shelter Support!

I have said so many times how impressed I have been with the Oakville & Milton Humane Society.

The OMHS location was one of the first places that Ray took me to when I let him pick his walk route and the reason was very clear when I arrived. A number of individuals there, general staff, trainers and volunteer walkers had all made a positive impression on him and he was so excited when he saw somebody that he knew.

From my perspective, they have been an invaluable source of information and share their expertise very willingly. Now here we are, almost 2-1/2 years after adopting Ray, andΒ  still in touch with them and they are still supporting us whenever necessary. Why people adopt from sources who do not (cannot) offer that level of service baffles me!

Given these circumstances, it will be no surprise that we support OMHS wherever possible and on Ray’s 2nd anniversary of adoption (March of this year), we decided that Ray should have some cookies which were to be shared with the less fortunate dogs who were at the shelter and awaiting adoption.

We duly visited the shelter (Ray picked the route) and left the cookies there for them to distribute as/when most appropriate. The next day we received this pic!

2015 03 15 Anniv Treats

It was so heart-warming to see those faces as they got their cookie! To make, or buy, a bag of dog cookies* is really not a major investment and the pleasure it can bring is priceless. The problem is that while many people will agree with this rationale, they would not actually think to do it.

Please give the dogs in your local shelter a few moments of your time in thought, and perhaps some dog treats would be appropriate? If you do not currently have a dog to give credibility to such a gesture, you can tell them that Ray sent you!

* You may wish to call ahead to ensure that what you are making, or buying, is appropriate for the dogs in their care.Β  They may have dietary, or specific content, preferences.

20 thoughts on “Shelter Support!

  1. Great picture of the biscuit round.
    When we moved out of the house, we had a lot of dog food in store but now nowhere to put it. We gave it to a dog shelter and they were over the moon. Maggie didn’t go without of course!

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  2. Ray is so sweet to think of his friends back at the shelter. You’re so right about giving back. I wish I had more time to go visit the dogs at my local shelter. I do donate money. . Although volunteer time would be more appreciated, I’m sure.
    Because I have no kids, after my husband, all my riches (ha ha) are willed to go to the local shelter.

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    • He made it very clear from his early times with us that these people were important to him. As we got closer to the OMHS location, he had more spring in his step; his tail wagged more noticeably; the leash went so tight I could have played a bass run on it, so what more signals could he have given us!

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