Cool Ray!

We have had many really hot and humid days this month such that we are virtually hibernating during the day. Ray, however, does need to go out into the back garden periodically so of course we join him and have a little play (and clean up after him!).

We recently bought him a new, larger, pool* and so put some water in it with the hope that he would be interested in getting in and cooling off. Our experience up to this time was that he would walk into a pool only if there was an incentive (food in there!). Once he had walked in and retrieved the “incentive”, he would just step out.

This time was a little different. Whether it was the particularly high temperature, or simply the new pool, we will never know but he did actually walk right into it without a treat incentive. He then immediately stepped out and wandered around but there was certainly a desire to get in (and possibly cool his feet).

A few treats thrown into the pool gave him the motivation to get back in, at which time Carol had the hose on a fairly gentle spray setting and gave him a “misting”! He did not show any aversion to it so she eventually worked up to a direct spray on him!

2015 07 25 13“C’mon Mom! Down a bit. A bit more. Over to the left just a little! Ooooooh … that’s it!”

Clearly he was not objecting, and soon we had one very wet dog who then decided that he would like to go back inside.  I guess that was inevitable!

*See “Ray’s Pool” – July 8, 2015

26 thoughts on “Cool Ray!

  1. Oh, the look of pure bliss on Ray’s face under the hose!
    Maggie has made no attempt whatsoever to jump in the marina as other dogs here have, but take her to the beach and she’s in. MOH takes us to a shady river sometimes on a hot day and after some coaxing, she will go in, but Bud is in already and won’t come out.
    My GSD Kiz was another matter. We were in the New Forest for a walk and past a stream with a little bridge going over it. She sat in the stream and would not budge. The look on her face was a picture, so I guess the cool water was soothing on her feet. 🙂

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  2. Ray is learning to enjoy the luxuries of life! Or maybe he is just putting more and more trust in his humans’ judgement. Genis loves to swim in the beach tidal pool, but hates a bath and would have heart attack we tried to hose him down.

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    • Ray too loves splashing around in a natural environment (the lake) but is clearly a little hesitant with his garden pool. You would think that after 2-1/2 yrs, all the trust issues would have been resolved but I suspect that is not the case. Whatever happened to him in his “other life” may still be influencing him.

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  3. Made me laugh and smile all at once! Bilbo will stand out in the rain until his soaked but loathes the hose unless I bury the nozzle in his coat. He now tolerates getting his paws wet at the beach but only to retrieve the ball. Well done Ray!

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