Buried Treasure!

Our morning started off pretty routine with Ray being taken care of in the correct sequence of events*.

He was a little late getting his breakfast etc, so I was already on my lap top getting up to date with “blog world” however, Ray eventually wandered in and stared at me. “Show me buddy!” produced the predictable result of him engaging the springs in all four legs and leaping (bounding) his way into the kitchen and into his den. I gave him his biscuit and went back to work.

Apparently, once he had finished his biscuit, he wandered around the kitchen presumably looking for a suitable place to lay down and chill. This time was different however because his wanderings seem to be more directed by his nose!

2015 07 25 43CRA very efficient nose! (This pic zooms really well).

He eventually followed his nose right into his den! This was not particularly unusual because sometimes he would drop small pieces of his biscuit as he crunched it up, so it was understandable that a few moments later he would go back to try and find them.

We have also had circumstances where an isolated training treat finds itself in an obscure location. This became obvious some time ago when we saw Ray trying to push himself between the kitchen stove and a cabinet. The gap is around 4 inches and, with the most concentration and effort he can muster, he was not going to fit in a 4 inch gap! We have also caught him “digging” in a kitchen cabinet corner where, upon investigation, we discovered one piece of rather dry kibble!

However, this morning’s adventure took him back into his den whereupon he started “digging”. The floor in his den is carpeted so Carol’s immediate conclusion was that there was a piece of biscuit under the carpet.

When it was clear that he was having difficulties locating his “quarry”, she helped out by rolling the carpet back to expose the steel floor. Ray’s response was to start “digging” on the steel floor! Having a nose like Ray’s clearly dictates that something there was getting his attention and, as he was intent on going through his floor, perhaps it was underneath his den?

Carol went around to the end of his den that appeared to be of most interest (Ray, as intuitive as ever, came out of his den and followed her) and she lifted the end of it up off the floor ……… and there it was! A really tiny piece of rutabaga! Ray lost no time in getting it and then proceeded to catch up with his normal routine of chilling out!

*See Post “Creature of Habit” – August 15, 2015

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    • Hi Anne. So glad you enjoyed the Post. Ray really is one furry food processor. He’ll eat anything, but loves Rutabaga, Cucumber, Kale and lettuce stems etc. We can train him all day on veggie treats and he never gains weight. Of course his poops can be “anti social” if too much! 🙂


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