A very long walk – Part I

The other day was a classic example of “just one of those days”!

Carol had a commitment which took her away for the day and, as our weather was a little precarious, I decided to take full advantage of a dry afternoon. I put Ray’s travel harness on him, and after a short drive, we were at an entrance to a local trail system which drops down and runs along both sides of a creek. It was 1:00pm! I noted that, because I wanted to make sure that he had a good walk of at least an hour, or better still 1-1/2 to 2hrs and I wasn’t too certain how long a complete loop would take.

Ray was his usual happy self as he trotted along the trail. We met a few people, some with their dogs, and Ray found so many scents that clearly needed investigating. After just over an hour, I could tell that we were circling back in the direction of where we started so, having almost completed the full loop, I just needed to find the side trail that would take us back up to the road level.

We found our exit and climbed back up to the top, but something was different. The houses, though of familiar design, were not the same as the ones I was expecting. Perhaps it was just the perspective as we were now approaching them from a different direction? Ray started to pull in the opposite direction and, given my lack of co-operation, decided to sit down! I managed to persuade him to move, but he repeated this move a number of times.

At last, and with Ray’s reluctant co-operation, we reached the top, but where was the road? The car had been parked just across from the trail entrance, being only separated from it by a 4-lane road. There was no sign of the 4-lane road! We were on a very quiet and very secluded residential street. Ray was looking at me (who knows what he was thinking) as I turned and followed this street. It had to exit onto our 4-lane road at some point, so we went in search of our 4-lane road. It was not long before we found it … but no … this road had 6-lanes!

The area was vaguely familiar so I just stood, and looked around, hoping that something would “leap out” at me and define exactly where we were. It did! We were about 400yards away from an intersection with the road that we wanted! It was now a simple walk to the intersection, and down to where the car was parked.

Upon reaching the car, I noticed a dark object on the ground near a rear door. It was Ray’s travel harness! I can only assume that in the endeavors, and excitement, of getting it off him and getting his leash on him, I forgot to put it in the car before locking the doors. Thank goodness it was still there, so I put it on him again and we headed for home.

He had been very good, so I thought that I would drive-thru a Tim Horton’s and get me a coffee, and Ray a plain TimBit. This was relatively uneventful, apart from the fact that Ray knows the drive-thru routine and, as I had his windows about half way down, he managed to get his head out sufficiently to surprise the poor girl who was trying to give me my order. All was well and at 3:00pm we were home.

The routine now was simply to connect Ray’s leash; disconnect him from the restraints in the car; allow him to jump out and down onto the driveway; hit the “all doors lock” button, and close the doors, but wait ….. his windows were still down and there was rain forecast! I put the ignition key back in and turned it so that I could power up the windows, after which I  got out and closed the doors. (Oops!)

to be continued…

10 thoughts on “A very long walk – Part I

  1. Oops indeed! 🙂 I may have done that a few times! I hope you have a spare set of keys!
    I am glad that I don’t have to wait for Part 2, you know how much I love to be kept hanging! 🙂

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  2. Glad you enjoyed your walk — especially after you found your way back. 🙂 I’ve done that before and know the feeling exactly. And Tim Horton’s — gotta stop! 🙂

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