Ray and Santa!

We have an organization here called The Dog Rescuers Inc.


We met one of the owners during our early days with Ray (she lives just around the corner and works in a local pet supplies store), and now she is one of those people that he really gets excited about seeing whenever he gets a chance! Just recently they had a fundraiser based around having photographs taken of pets with Santa, and so we went to say “Hi” and to support their fundraising. Sadly, it was a damp and dreary day but that didn’t stop their efforts.

When we arrived, Santa was getting ready to have his pic taken with a small dog which, after some coaxing by its Mom, lay in Santa’s arms waiting for the pic to be taken. Santa did not appear (to me) to be totally relaxed, but he did his job. At the time that we arrived, they would have no doubt had other dogs to accommodate, so perhaps one had been “uncooperative” with Santa?

When it was our turn, and when Santa saw Ray, I should have taken a pic! I still cannot interpret what I saw on Santa’s face, but it seemed a combination of “Oh no!” and “Why me?” Ray behaved himself and posed for his pic (below left) although he does not look as if he was particularly enjoying himself but then … neither does Santa.

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About a week earlier, we had taken Ray downtown to our town square so that we could get a pic of him (above right) in front of the Christmas display but, even then, he seemed to be displaying an “I’m having trouble getting into the spirit of this without food and snow!” attitude!

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  1. You know us dogs have a hayday with people who are afraid of us. We know we can dominate and intimidate them. At the last church where Mom worked there was a priest who was afraid of me, so I barked at him every chance I got!! Ray did better than I would have, BOL!

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    • Hi Rob. Given that he did not appear too comfortable with even a small dog, I would guess that he was not really “into” dogs. Perhaps he was just a kind man who was happy to donate his time to a good cause and Ray, by virtue of his size, gave him cause for concern (Claus for concern?). Ray was the perfect “gentleman” however! 🙂

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