Ray – The Book Update 1!

Being my first book, I was obviously naive about the processes involved in moving from writing it, to actually getting it published. After some shopping around and negotiating, I agreed to let Friesen Press guide me through the process.

They have expertise in “cover appeal” based on target market area, appropriate layout, font style and size etc. etc. based on subject matter, and a gazillion other aspects of marketing a book for which they had lots of experience… and I had none!

I am in the process of (yet again!) reading through my draft before giving Friesen Press the okay to load the book into their software and work on layout etc.

The reason for this Post is that we have agreed on a front cover after numerous ideas and experimentation.Front Cover 7Pretty cool eh!


29 thoughts on “Ray – The Book Update 1!

  1. Eye catching cover. Intriguing – makes you pick it up to see what it is about. You are going to have a busy future on book signing tours, get an ink pad for Ray (paw prints) too. Good Luck with the publication.

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  2. Congratulations! ! Woof woof!
    The cover looks grand. Please continue to update us on your progress. I am really interested in your process. One of these days…. hopefully I’ll have a book also!

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