Dear Diary – Page 97

Having been advised that our application to live in Canada had been approved, we had to make appropriate plans.

Our first decision was that we would not ship anything out due to the costs involved. This gave us the guidelines that if we could take it with us… fine. If we could not take it with us, it had to be disposed of in some manner.

Another decision was made that I would leave first and, as soon as I had a regular income, then the other three would follow. It had already been agreed that I could stay with my partner’s relatives in Canada until I was established. It was also arranged that once I left for Canada, they would go and stay with my parents during that interim time.

1974 CS and M2Me and my two – 1974

We then started to advertise the contents of our home. It was an interesting experience selling off one’s home knowing that there is no new home in the immediate future. It seemed a very precarious path to take, but there did not seem to be a choice and the “fresh start” being offered by Canada was very attractive.

We were very lucky with selling our furniture because a man and his daughter were interested. She was getting married in the near future and was looking for furniture in general for her new home. Her father was helping her in that quest… and seemed very familiar to me. I suddenly realized that it was Phil from Walton signal box back in the late 50’s/early 60’s!

I think we both realized that we knew each other at about the same time and we had a brief chat about those times, after which he bought pretty much everything that we were selling! We were ready for a major life change.

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  1. A courageous step for sure. You know what it means about taking a step when you can’t even see the staircase! It must have felt good to meet up with Phil amidst the turmoil of not knowing what was to come and how great that he bought almost everything. Did it feel like a sign that you were doing the right thing?
    Oh and what a nice picture. 🙂

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  2. When I moved from Florida back to Illinois, I was moving in with my mom to care for her. No need for extra fur-nature. The couple that bought my home had nothing. Really. Nothing! They bought most of my furniture and I had a pleasant, light move back!

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  3. Small world, meeting up with Phil again.
    I know what you mean about selling your home with no new home to go to! Sadly we don’t qualify for emigration now as we’re too old , have little money and none of the paper qualifications required. Ho hum. Glad you had the opportunity and took it.

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