These past few weeks – Part 1

The past few weeks have been an emotional roller-coaster ride for a number of different reasons. The roller-coaster highs have indeed been high, and the lows … well very low! Let us start with a definite high. Continue reading

Perceptions, and choices, again!

Since this blog started in 2014, I have referenced “perceptions” a number of times and it has always been in the context of how we see our world. This really shouldn’t surprise anybody because we all want to have some comfort level/acceptance in our world, and for us to get to that level, we have to know the culture of our world. Continue reading

The Next Page?

I am currently reading “With a Closed Fist” (Growing up in Canada’s toughest neighborhood) by Kathy Dobson. I am not going to offer a review, but will say that I am loving it. Given that it’s an autobiography, I am really interested to read how she progresses from “3rd world living” in Montreal, to writing the book. She clearly got an educational break at some point in her growing up… perhaps it is on the next page? Continue reading