The Cheese Shop – update.

Noting Ray’s recent revelations that both the wine shop and the cheese shop could both be rewarding places to have friends, here is the latest news.

A recent walk took him past the cheese shop and, not particularly surprisingly, he went straight up to the front door; sat down and stared through the glass. It took me many years and a few communications courses to understand the power of eye contact, but Ray had it clear in his mind so long ago. It’s a little embarrassing really!

Anyway, it worked in as much as it soon got attention. A lady walked over to the door and came outside where she made a fuss of him … but no cheese treats for Ray. He was a little confused (“Humans are so unpredictable”), but then so was I! They clearly liked dogs. We discovered earlier that they had dogs themselves. What was their problem?

It could be argued that because they were a cheese specialty shop, their produce would be a little expensive to give away but then, they gave me samples during the earlier visit! With my quite remarkable powers of deduction (my opinion only), I must conclude they rationalized that I might actually purchase some cheese from them. The question therefore becomes, how can we persuade them that Ray may purchase cheese also?

It is no doubt extremely obvious that we will do whatever we must in order to keep Ray happy, and equality is surely a reasonable factor to emphasize, so here are the plans:

Plan A: See if we can persuade Ray to hold a $10.00 bill in his mouth while looking through the door. He may fool them into thinking the obvious(?) and they will offer him samples. Or…

Plan B: I will go in and buy some cheese on condition that Ray gets a couple of samples! That should work!

We will be fighting for you Ray buddy! You’re one of the gang!

25 thoughts on “The Cheese Shop – update.

  1. Or take this as an opportunity to burst the bubble for Ray.. That not always he would be receiving treats and he has to move on eventually..

    It indeed makes me feel too sad to even say that, but yet he needs to learn it sometime.. So he won’t be disappointed when someone isn’t offering treats..

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  2. Hi Colin! Well I think both plans sound swell! Or maybe even have Ray hold the bill, then go into the shop…buy some cheese…and then tell them that you don’t have any money but that Ray is paying… 😀 😉

    In any case…Samantha and I will be wishing you two luck! 🙂

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