Just another walk (Ray Style).

We had wonderful weather yesterday and so the plan was to walk Ray down to the lake and into our downtown core where we would go to Cobs Bread (he knows we go there regularly). From there we would head for home. It was all so straight forward.

We had overlooked a couple of things however. On our way back home, we were passing our Central Library when he started pulling off to one side such that he seemed to want to go to the library! We decided to follow him just to see what he had in mind and, what he had in mind were treats!

We often rent movies from there and typically, while I am getting our movies, Ray has to wait outside so Carol plays games with him which can get him treats. That was not our plan this time but Ray took us up to the entrance door anyway and then looked at me. I decided that I would go in; wait for a minute, and then come out again. Ray was very happy that the routine was completed correctly and was then pleased to move on!

Our route home from there would take us past a Tim Hortons where, in amiable weather, we often stop and get a couple of coffees and a plain TimBit for Ray. We will sit somewhere close by and enjoy our “break”. Ray was not going to let us get away without going into Tim’s…  but we had no problem with that!

When I came out with our coffees, two peanut butter cookies and Ray’s TimBit, Carol and Ray were both on a bench seat and talking with a couple who were passing and took a liking to Ray. They were laughing when I showed up because Ray was covering so much of the seat that they thought there was no space for me. What I knew, and what Ray knew, was that I had a TimBit in my pocket… and he allowed me to sit down right next to him!

We had bought a loaf of bread when we were at Cobs, and that was in a shopping bag which was…. where? Well it almost out of sight as a result of Ray sitting on it. My immediate reaction was to coax him off the bag so that I could put it somewhere a little safer. The problem was that Ray seemed very confused. He probably didn’t want to jeopardize his strategically good position, but wanted to accommodate us, so he stood up (still on the seat) and started turning around. I watched as one of his feet sank into the bag containing our bread, and trying to pull the bag from under him only got more complicated as he kept moving around in circles. I eventually managed to pull it out from under him and then settled down to enjoy my coffee and cookie.

 It was interesting sitting there with Ray being so attentive, and I was feeling a certain amount of “pressure” as Ray sat there looking at me from very close range. I had given him a small piece of his TimBit, but he knew that there was more! He also knew that I was eating a cookie which he would have just loved for me to share with him. Not knowing what is in those peanut butter** cookies we won’t give him any, but he doesn’t understand that yet. 

At one point, he had his head so close to mine that I was wondering whether he was going to try a high speed grab at my cookie but, thankfully, he didn’t pursue that possibility! He did however eventually drape his body across my lap as he tried to push his nose (with mouth very close behind) into my pocket which contained his TimBit!

A few minutes later, he moved around such that his legs were crossed and his front paws were resting on my legs. He stayed in that position, just looking at me, except for the small breaks when I would give him a piece of his TimBit

When we had finished our “treats”, and Ray had the last piece of TimBit that he was going to get (we always save some for later), we headed for home once more. Putting the bread on the kitchen counter, I had to smile. It’s wrappings were intact, but it was the oddest shape that I had ever seen for a loaf of bread. Rather bent, and extremely compressed in the middle! Thank you Ray. You always make our lives so interesting!

** Most of you are probably  already aware that so many peanut butter products now contain a sugar substitute called Xylitol which is extremely dangerous to dogs. If in doubt when you buy peanut butter and associated products, please read the ingredients list.


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