Ray – adventurer!

We have a child’s jeep which had outlived its usefulness at one home, and was at our house awaiting pickup to go to a new home. While it was here, we thought that Ray would look pretty good in the driver’s seat.

2016 05 06pCR

“What size human puppy could ever fit in here?”

As cooperative as he can be, this did seem to be just too much of a challenge simply because of his size. I think he realized that there was no place to turn around and then sit… so he jumped out. That was the end of that photo-shoot!

29 thoughts on “Ray – adventurer!

  1. The toy jeep is cute but the unhappy dog is even cuter. I think a cycle with a side car would be the best ever. a couple of guys in my town drive around with a big dog in the side car. I can’t take my eyes off the scene if I’m on the same road. (I do watch my driving). The dogs always look “pleased as punch.”

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    • Those dogs must be restrained somehow, otherwise prey or food could result in them leaping out into the traffic? Ray has no sense at all in that context as he gets totally focused on getting from A to B and has no concept that there may be imminent hazards!

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  2. I would like to try driving our car but haven’t worked out the logistics of reaching the pedals and the steering wheel and seeing out all at the same time. Looks like if you slithered in behind the wheel juuust right you might manage it, buddy.

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