Ray -The Book update 15

Amazon.com will now produce the book from a search so, as far as I know, everybody is “on board” with the exception of Barnes & Noble/Nook who will no doubt catch up very soon!

Given that FriesenPress had a head start in offering the book for sale in all 3 formats, and given that they are based in Victoria, B.C., I have been emailing numerous SPCA’s in British Columbia asking them to consider promoting Ray’s story on their websites. My rationale is that while they will not benefit financially from the book sales, there is so much information included covering positive reinforcement training; Ray’s numerous challenges and how they were addressed; what is necessary to work with a challenging dog, and the priceless rewards.

Overall it should give anybody who is thinking about adopting a dog a good basis to really think it through carefully, and this must be an indirect benefit to anybody in the business of offering dogs for adoption.

I will now be going through the vet listings and asking them to consider promoting the book!

So what is Ray doing during this time? Supervising… sort of… I think! Or perhaps he is thinking up promo ideas for me to execute?

2016 05 14CR

He really does a lot of thinking in this position, unless of course he is really asleep!


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