Thanks Ray!

At 8:30am this morning, I was sitting at my laptop wondering what to Post (my Post bank was empty) when Ray walked in. He just stood there staring at me!

My first thought was that I usually have 2 pieces of toast around this time but today I only had 1 piece (it was the last slice!). Presumably he was prompting me to have my 2nd piece. He always gets a corner piece from my toast so he does have a distinct interest in this ritual!

I gave him the “no more” hand signal, which he generally seems to understand, but this time he just moved a little closer and stared.

Another part of his routine (apart from scavenging toast) is to wait until I have finished eating, and then wash my hands… so perhaps that was the issue? I offered him both my hands and they both received an unusually quick wash, and then he continued to hold eye contact!

We have a process to resolve these types of issues:

“What’s up buddy”?

He turned around so I was facing his rear, and then he turned his head towards me.

“Ok buddy. Show me!”

He walked through the house to the kitchen, always making sure that I was following, and into his den where he promptly laid down and faced his den entrance.

Part of my early morning routines with Ray is to give him a biscuit in his den after he had eaten his Rutabaga. This morning, it was Carol who gave him his breakfast and Rutabaga. When I came up stairs from the basement, Ray was in his den just waiting for his biscuit… which I gave him at that time!

The question was clearly “What on earth does he want now?”

A revelation!

When I gave Ray his biscuit, I was aware that something was different, but it was a really fleeting thought and was never concluded. Looking at him in his den, my brain suddenly gave me the answer to both the “something different” and Ray’s expectations.

When I came upstairs and saw Ray waiting in his den for his biscuit, I grabbed the bag from his cupboard. However, it was not the tartar control ones that he usually has, but rather some pumpkin biscuits. They are a little thinner and smaller than his tartar control ones.

Ray, in his infinite canine wisdom must have been thinking “Cool! I get a pumpkin biscuit as well as my usual biscuit!” –  and this whole scene that he played out made sense!

How could anybody not love a guy like that!

19 thoughts on “Thanks Ray!

  1. I have always been a “dog person” and I find it amusing to listen to your revelations with Ray ! You remind me of so many things I have always known about dogs but do not remember too vividly, and of course dogs, like people, are individuals who possess different talents and skills. It makes me happy that you and Ray managed to find one another. The best thing about dogs to me ? They have a way of slipping into their “owners” personality. (Or is it the other way around) Farewell from BillandTige ! ; )

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    • Thanks for letting me know that you enjoy my Posts. As for who “slips” into whose personality? I would suggest that, based on my limited experience of only one dog (but a Ray at that!), both personalities just move close enough to overlap in certain aspects! 🙂

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  2. Ray is not one to be deprived of a good thing and he clearly has the smarts to get his wants/needs met. If only some humans could use the same kind of reasoning to function in this world. This story tells me that we need dog smarts to achieve our goals. Frankly I could use some of Ray’s intelligence. 🙂

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    • Well Yvonne, and joking aside, there are many attributes clearly displayed by Ray (and probably most other dogs) that we humans could benefit from adopting. His thinking is very simple and logical, and he is really happy as long as his basic needs are met. That’s a tough act to follow! 🙂

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  3. One clever dog you are Ray! And you deserved 2 biscuits for I hear you put out a GREAT book! I have it in my hands now, but am thinking its a little too late to start it tonight, but may not be able to resist at least reading a little bit 🙂

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