Ray – The Book update 14

I have been asked to advise as/when Ray’s book has been “picked up” by the major retailers, which of course I will do.

I have noticed that FriesenPress are already providing links to Kindle and Kobo for eBook downloads, so it looks as if things are moving along quite fast! While a search through book retailers currently does not produce any results (it is a bit premature!), I notice that Amazon-Kindle is offering hard copy and paperback versions at the full RRSP which, in Canada and with a currently poor exchange rate, makes it a little expensive here (RRSP is based in $USD). Of course, it is well worth it for not only the story behind our wonderful Ray, and a color photo gallery of our four-legged celebrity, but also because it is a fundraiser for the Humane Society that rescued him. Without them, the story would not exist, and I would have never “met” all you lovely people!

There have already been a few eBook downloads and, while I don’t expect that any of them have been read through at this time, I really hope that they give as much pleasure reading Ray’s story as I had in writing Ray’s story! Assuming that will be the case, then I hope that you will promote the book wherever appropriate so that our Humane Society can continue with working on the various creatures that pass through their doors, as well as the more challenging ones… like our Ray!

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  1. I am searching for the book in another tab as we speak!! With my pet series on the blog I will definitely be promoting Ray’s book;) I actually already had in mind to do so!

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  2. Hi, Colin and Ray! Just stopping by to thank you for stopping by C-Dog today. I’ve been out of the blogosphere doing lots of writing and some travel, but I hope to get back to blogging soon. Sounds like you have a wonderful new book out which I’ll definitely check out. Congratulations! What an accomplishment! Have a great day 🙂

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    • Oh dear Cupcake! That means that both you, Noodle, Annie, Lexi and probably a lot of other dogs are going to hear all about me. I’ll have no secrets soon! Woof! Ray.


  3. Well, after “we” (our Annie, the most magnificent Malshi on the planet, and I) read the book, Annie will offer her unbiased K-9 review of Ray’s writing. I may even have a comment or two about his human’s contribution to the effort. Congratulations to Ray and to you, Colin. Looks like a job well done.

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  4. It’s important to note that reviews are important to new writers. I don’t know how it all works but great reviews help search engines or something like that. My author friends relentlessly pursue reviews. When I didn’t understand that I wasn’t always good about posting a review even when I loved a book. Now I know better.

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    • Reviews are a questionable commodity because so many of them are “set up” i.e. Employees write wonderful reviews for their employer; people write glowing reviews simply because they were asked to (or there was a remuneration). Somewhere buried amidst a proliferation of reviews of questionable value, are the genuine ones! While I want to market the book the best way possible so that OMHS gets some reasonable revenue from it, I am not prepared to sacrifice my integrity. My current plan is to simply encourage readers to promote the book and write reviews if they so wish. I have no doubt that FriesenPress will also have some recommendations on this topic in the very near future!

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      • I don’t think you have to worry about your integrity. Readers often don’t know the value of a review but it’s still their decision. A writer I love recently wrote a book I did not love. Although we are writing buddies, I did not give it a review because I have to be honest. On the other hand a blogger friend wrote a book about China. It was fabulous and I said so.

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