Kismet von Whippet.

Friends of ours (the ones we meet on the King’s Arms patio so Ray can join us!) just recently lost their dog. It was his time to leave this world.

I only met Kismet once, in their home, but he was a lovely dog and made quite the impact. While he treated me much like the stranger that I was to him, his interaction with his Mom was lovely. He was lucky to have such a caring, loving family, and their home will undoubtedly be quite “empty” for sometime now.

I have known his Mom and Dad for many years as I used to work for the same organization and in the same building however, Ray moving in with us, added a whole new dimension to our relationship. Now, I can only imagine what they are going through.

Trying to visualize our home without Ray is virtually impossible as he has made himself one of the family. So many decisions that are made here have to consider him.  Going out is an obvious one, but so is planning the garden. Our shopping trips are triggered by a need for food, and Ray’s needs are automatically included.  Just walking to the store involves him because if we are low on a specific item, then we may have to incorporate a pet supplies store into our route.

Not only do we have to keep track of our medical appointments etc., but Ray also needs his annual checkups and preventive medications.

Ray has become the social focal point for many who live on our street and often takes us across a front lawn, or up a driveway. so that he can “say hello” and get some attention (as well as treats!).

Our days are inevitably planned to accommodate his walks and, in our current temperatures, may have to be scheduled for an evening. In a nutshell, and all you dog owners will no doubt relate, our lives are inherently entwined with that of our canine buddy!

Emotions must be so overwhelming when your home, and lifestyle, dramatically change as a result of the loss of a pet. I can only offer my condolences to Kismet’s Mom and Dad. I can only stress the many happy memories which his involvement in their lives created, and I can only stress how lucky he was to have such a wonderful family to live with.

To Jen and Brian – Kismet was very lucky to have spent time with you guys, and you were so lucky to have been blessed with his presence for so long.

R.I.P. Kismet von Whippet. You have left our world just a little bit better for you being in it.

2016 06 Kismet

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  1. Kismet was a beautiful dog, and my heart goes out to her family! Although I have come to love my new dog, I still mourn my old girls everyday- they were model citizens, and one in particular helped us to grow up. We adopted her pretty soon after college, and she saw us through so many changes in status and life style over the years. Whenever something new changes, for good, bad, or a little bit of both, I still find myself missing her comforting presence. Hopefully she will put in a good word for me, because if there’s a heaven, she’s definitely in it:-)

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    • So very touching. Thank you. I remember reading once a quote (cannot recall speaker) – “I don’t know where dogs go when they die but, wherever that is, that’s where I want to go.” 🙂

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      • Yes, and there’s that old “joke,” that I admit is a bit hokey, about a man who dies, meets his old dog, and they are walking together when beautiful pearly gates appear and “St Peter” tells the man that he can come in, but he has to leave his dog outside. So he politely turns the saint down and continues down the road with his dog, when another gate appears and the real St Peter tells him that first gate was just a test to keep out the riff raff and invites him and his dog in… As silly the old joke is, I still kind of hope there’s an element of truth to it!

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  2. I’m so sorry for your friends’ loss. Dogs become such an integral part of our lives and families, and they leave such a huge whole in our hearts when they die. But their love during the time we did have them them is worth all the grief.

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  3. We have adopted, loved and shared our life with so many wonderful dogs and cats and we always treasure every moment because there comes a time when we have to let them go. Run free sweet Kismet. Sending love to his human companions from all of us here.

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  4. What a good looking pup. So sad to hear of his passing, but I am glad he brightened the lives of his family for his time here.

    It’s a huge change to go from no animals sharing your home to having a dog – but it is absolutely wonderful. I don’t know what life would be like without Choppy. Hopefully, it isn’t something I will have to find out any time soon.

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  5. I love this picture and his pose, like he is looking straight into your eyes. So sorry for your friends! Pets are so intertwined with us like you said that yes it pains deeply to lose them. I been on that side a couple times and it is hard. Pets leave imprints on our hearts that last forever!

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  6. It’s so true how pets change your life. Even if I go on vacation, which I rarely do, I miss the cats. Visitors require planning and you have the store pet aisles that must be occasionally visited. Best of all there is a level of unconditional love that exists in homes with pets that is so comforting.

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