A Ray Trail!

Due to a lot of conflicting priorities (life stuff… and promoting his book locally), this will be a quick Post.

I noted recently that during a cooler spell of weather, we took Ray on one our trail walks, and this one lasted a little over 2 hours.  While the main trail that we follow is maintained to encourage general use, there are a number of side trails which were probably created by fishermen as a shortcut to their particular favorite area!

We saw a really pretty side trail and, while cautious about exploring it with Ray due to a number of “anti-social” (my term not the town’s!) plant warning signs, we did see a lovely photo opportunity.


It is a joy to watch Ray on these walks as, apart from his nose checking out every conceivable scent of potential interest, his tail is high and he has a nice spring in his gait. He appears to be very happy!


29 thoughts on “A Ray Trail!

    • It really is a wonderful piece of preservation within a large urban sprawl, and is a large tract of land which includes both sides of a creek which I would guess is about 150-200ft below the residential developed land on both sides. We all love it. 🙂

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